Full Speed Ahead

Hi, fellow RCsailors. I am NewFun49 and the name describes my desire to jump on board with this exciting hobby of RC sailing. I live in West Sacramento, CA and recently discovered the Sacramento Model Yacht Club holding a regatta at my neighborhood lake. I was drawn right in to a hobby that seems so real and offers the thrill of full-sized sailing in a compact package. I have purchased a used SeaWind and I hope to get it in the water very soon. Oh, yeah, I’m Peter

Hi Peter,
Welcome to the SeaWind fleet! I hope you will transfer the registration of your used SeaWind. You can find information and download a Registration Form from the SeaWind COA web site: https://sites.google.com/site/seawindcoa/.
If you have any questions about the SeaWind or the SeaWind COA just post them in the SeaWind COA Forum on this web site or email me direct.
Good sailing!