Full Pelt

Just saw a fascinating new design that utilizes some concepts I’ve mentioned before as ideas Graham and I have considered during the F100CBTF design process earlier this year.
The boat is a 36’ “scaled up 49’er” that will utilize a 55 degree canting keel and a daggerboard AFT of the canting keel. This is significant because until this boat is built all non-CBTF canting keels as best as I can tell had the daggerboard(s) forward of the canting keel. You can read more detail about this under some of the F100CBTF postings.
Also under this section and on the old windpower forum I had mentioned the idea of using a flap on the canting keel to increase righting moment when the keel was at full cant–this boat is adopting that idea. A patent already exists on the idea so we’ll see how that works out.
If you’re interested I saw this boat on “The Daily Sail” a subscription website that I think now offers free intro tours–its worth a look .
I think the url is: www.madforsailing.com

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

I saw Full Pelt at Cowes Week. The most awsome thing about this boat was that although it was only 2’ longer than the boat I was racing on (in IRC class 5) it was in IRC Class 0, racing against Farr 52’s. Masthead assametric kite too!

If its not blowing it sucks!