FS-CT6B Review

Well, not sure if this is the best place but its technology and this is a technology discussion section, so if there is a better place mods please move and sorry.

Well, most of you don’t really know me yet, but i love to save money when it comes to RC’s because if i can save a little here and there all that extra goes to buy me another RC. Fly Sky’s CT6B 2.4GHz transmitter has been a very large and highly discussed product among the RC plane and Helli scene with these crazy rumors of it being cheap, but not just that but reliable! some people even put it up to bat against very high performance top of the line RX/TX’s suck as the Spektrum DX6i with very satisfying results! So here is my honest non-bias result.

Well, i had just bought a CR-914 and was looking to upgrade from the Hitec Ranger II and decided that I’d see what the fuss was about on some of the other forums i hang out on, i went straight to HobbyPartz and found the CT6B for $31.70 and with HobbyPartz.com that price includes FREE SHIPPING! not to mention unlike some other online stores that have deals like this but it takes weeks to receive the product it arrived to my home in Georgia all the way from California via UPS in just under a week! when i opened the box today i was slightly disappointed because the box had been opened inside the box used for shipping and the instruction manual was missing but after i opened the box the first thing i noticed was the size, compared to the Futaba Arrack-R I’m used to (yes I’m old school lol) and the Ranger II.

but i quickly noticed, even with the batteries it was not very much heavier then the Attack-R and the Ranger II even though the CT6B had batteries and the others didn’t. :confused: after getting the rest of the items out (USB plugging, binding plug, and the receiver) it was so simple i really didn’t need a manual because it was set up so simplify, after getting it hooked up i realized how comfy it is to hold, even with it being larger it fit my hands very well. i also was worried about it being 6 CH that it would be hard having the joysticks moving all over the place unlike what I’m used too in the 2 CH but after taking it apart i found that i could lock them with a 2 screws (i can post tut if needed). so far the unboxing has me very impressed, but the real challenge will appear tomorrow when i take it to Thursday night races :cool:

the rest of the review will come tomorrow after i get to really use it,

Update 6/30/11
got it out on the water and got to really test it :smiley:

On the water today there wasn’t much wind anywhere near the dock that i sail from but there was wind out in the middle of the lake which gave me a great opportunity to test the range. i literally got out about half a mile (had to use binoculars to see) even at this distance the RX and TX preformed flawlessly except for a user error which made my steering back wards (very confusing lol). even just sitting on the point at my local sailing club people would walk up and wonder where my boat was and I’d have to hand the the binoculars and point them in the middle of the lake just so they could see it and every single one of them were amazed that i had control with absolutely no delay even to the point where you could barely see what the sails were doing even with high power binoculars. they get even more amazed when you tell them you only payed $31 for the system! i have never used one but I’m sure the $2,299.00 Futaba 14MZAP is better but honestly who cares? honestly if your a professional then yeah, you’d want that $2k RX and TX but in reality for the money the FS-CT6B is just as good, especially for RC sailing or any other Heli, plane that used 6 channels for the price even if it only lasts a year its still the best radio system you can get sure the $2k futaba may be better but I’m sure that most of you could add up the value of all your RC’s and it would be under $2k, who really needs a radio system that costs more then anything in their collection? as of now i have 3 RC cars, 4 boats, and 1 plane that are all hobby grade and top of the line that add up to about $1,800.00, think before you spend that much money on a radio system that will never fly above your head, never beat your best friends corvette to 60 MPH, and never leap out of the water on a heavy air day. there are much better things you can spend your money on and have just as much fun if not a whole lot more for the same price, thats why I’d spend my money on a FS-CT6B over a $2k futaba any day. you just can’t go wrong with this deal it is just unbeatable and probably the best thing I’ve bought for a RC in years! the only 1 con i found today was that there is no channels reverse swicthes, and yes, if you are caught at the sailing club doing an emergency last minute fix and put your servo horn on back wards and dont have your laptop to switch it you will find this very annoying and you think that somewhere a Chinese factory worker will be exceuted at dawn for ruining a otherwise perfect transmitter, but it just doesn’t, you honestly cant not go wont buying this transmitter, i honestly have to force myself to stop saying great things about this transmitters as a last statement I’ll say buy this radio, you will not regret one thing, i garantee it.

T6 software for FS-CT6B
Okay so when you first ope up the screen you will see abunch of these bars, lines and boxes and you’ll think to yourself “aww man, look at all this mess i’ll never be able to figure this out…” but then you’ll start looking around and realizing, “hey this is great!” i could go on and tell you all about it, but im just going to say its a very straight forwards and easy to use program, and give you a video telling you anything and everything you need to know.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3dZMELsvxA
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfaiZ5dRWSg

here’s some links

Hobbypartz.com: http://www.hobbypartz.com/
FS-CT6B: http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-ct6b-r6b-radiosystem.html
Spare receivers (R6B): http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-r6b-receiver.html
I also forgot to mention, spare receivers are $9.00 each, again with FREE SHIPPING! (on orders $25 or more i believe)

Hope this helps,

I think you will be happy with the radio. And for that price it really can’t be beat. You might want to keep the antenae wires as close to the deck as possible. 2.4 does not work when under water.


lol yea, i took that pic right when i first put it in, its not secured going horizontial across the brass tube for the keel, and the support for the mast as close to the deck as i could get.

but really looking forward to this, i just bought the T6 program for it for $2 and im messing around with it, theres also a fre one but i decided just to try the T6, i’ll have a review for it too i’ll post after sailing tomorrow. so far the T6 seems pretty promising

Updated! see first post!

The author of the “$2 T6-program” is preparing an Android version.

You’ll have to add a Bluetooth device to your transmitter (four wires to solder), configure it and then you’ll be able to setup your TX everywhere using your smartphone.

Actually there is an even cheaper option - the three channel receiver is perhaps more suitable for a yacht.
There are a lot of mods available for the adventuroushere, the most useful of which is to double the battery time with a four cell mod.
Be aware that limited quality control on these - my elevator gimbal jammed due to bad machining of the spring cam. If you buy from a local vendor then you have a warranty. but it doesn’t replace the plane!