FS 6 CH 35Mhz Transmitter & 6 CH 35Mhz Receiver

Do you think this would be a good Transmitter/Receiver for a rc sailboat?

I don’t know about where you are, but over here in UK the 35Mhz band is for aircraft ONLY.


Found this web site that lists legal frequencies world wide


You list your location as Southern California. This frequency is NOT approved for RC use in any way (air nor surface) in North America. There are significant penalties for using an illegal frequency. No reputable club would allow you to sail with them, using an illegal frequency.

Here is a list of approved frequencies for USA.


The best frequency band for surface use is the 2.4 gig as there is no need to select a specific channel. 2nd best is the 75Mhz group.

Most modern radios are made to either of these bands.

There are a few radios made for the other bands, such as the 27mhz but they tend to lack programmable features and are usually found in cheap RC toys.


Thanks everyone. As you can tell i am new to rc sailing