I am building SITON ( Dragonfly ) my first Landsailer; it will be a Class 3 based on Kris Seluga’s LS-4 drawings, but with my interpretation.
Attached detail of the front Wheel with the servo and how they should be encased.
Did anybody use this approach before, any comment………

Mr Magoo

Materials: Aluminum beam, Arrow shafts, TUF board, 4 –10/24 Stainless steel Pronged Tee Nuts for the wheels. Weight 1.3 Lbs.

A Hitec HS-815BB Mega Sail Servo will be located behind the rear crossing beam.

Mr Magoo

I think the reason most people have there servo back as far as they can is that it moves the weight further back therefore helping keep the land yacht flatter. Don’t think your idea wont work fine though.