from the Toronto area

I’m new to the RC scene but have been involved with the design, construction and production elements of full sized yachts for many years.

You’ll get a bit of technobabble from me… and a bit of philosophy along the way, but just take it for what it’s worth; good fun!

I’m not yet sure where I’m going to begin and I’m hoping this forum inspires a starting point.

Fair winds to all,


Hello I would suggest start small with footy class. My first boat was a footy razor (I should have gone with razor 3) the razor 1 is to wide to easily build with 1/36" ply.

Suggest that you contact the Metro marine Modellers. They are the biggest and most active club in the area. Find out when and where they sail and which classes are most active.


Thanks for the suggestions fellas… I will make the most of them.