From Chile

I would like to thanks to all the sailmates who have been writing emails and ask for us here in Chile. The earthquake was 8.8, Thanks God as far as I know there are no skippers or family members injured, probably could be some with damages in their houses In Santiago, but all of us here at south are Ok,

If you want more info can check in, there is a Live signal in a screen.-

Tato Lazo

Hi Tatolazo,
I very appreciate your message.
Happy to hear that’s is OK for your side.
Great regrets for the many suffering peoples, I pray for them . Another hearthquake killer !

Hola Tato:
Se por Rolf y Andres que todos los conocidos estan bien.
Cualquier cosa que necesites avisame.
un abrazo


Hi Tato -

was out of town for 5 days but thought about you and also German Pica. Any word from him? I sent him an email message - but no reply, so hope he too was not where all the damage happened. Glad to hear you are well. Take care - best wishes, Dick

Hi Dick.
German dissapeared from sailing world months ago, never again a email or phone call.

The last news from him is that he moved from valdivia to Santiago. In Santiago the damages were no so critical as in the central area, but I think he is doing well, after all.
His wife is from Concepción area, wre the earthquake stroke harder. Hard to tell if they have water and food already.
My own parents are alive somewhere next to the beach but probably without food or water since last saturday. No notices or info from that area yet, cause movile phones are not working in that area.

The tsunami ripped of many small and medium size beach side towns in the central area…very sad and tragic.

Tato Lazo

Last minute news.
My parents has been rescued by a relative, now they are in the way toward us, at the south.

tato Lazo
CHI 273

I have an update as well - from our sailing friend German Pica. He and his family are safe here in the U.S. (Washington state) as he has been in training for his new company. He was up here since October, and recently (February) brought wife and family here. His wife’s family was from Concepcion which was also hit pretty hard. They can’t get in contact yet - but via Facebook heard only slight damage to the house and some broken dishes etc. Meanwhile, German’s mom and family is in Santiago but said they were not “hit” that bad. He indicated he would advise when other friend who sail/live in [FONT=Calibri]Concepcion contact him and post accordingly. Between his new job and his new son, he has dropped from R/C sailing for a while. [/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri]Glad to hear from him. I will pass on any info I hear and will let him know we all wish ALL of you well.[/FONT]

[FONT=Calibri]Regards to you Tato - and stay well my friend[/FONT]