Frequency clips for GHz radios

I was actually thinking of shaving my channel in the hair of my back…:slight_smile:

Marc- you are scary! :devil3: temperature-inversion syndrome, maybe? :wink:

The reason for the topic is that my club, if not ALL r/c clubs as well as the FCC, require you to have a clip with your frequency number or whatever on the antenna, or displayed someplace so others can see what channel you’re on, to avoid frequency conflicts (I’ve seen it hapenin power boats! :scared: ) Plus you’ need to take a clip from a radio board.

So unil the FCC figures out if they want to eliminate the antenna clip thing, and ALL r/c clubs amend pond-side (or trackside) bylaws to account for the GHz systems, there needs to be a stop-gap measure of some kind of frequency card. It’s so simple there’s no reason everyone can’t make one.

AFAIK, all transmitters have some kind of handle, so you can attach a card to that. If not, glue a dowel to the back!


being that we are running low powered transmitters (along the lines of garage door openers and cordless phones). we are more or less an unlicensed transmitter and as such our units must accept all types of interference, even that resulting in undesirable operation.

I agree the clips are good way to prevent those who are on frequencies that can easily be duplicated (ie switching a crystal) from accidentally taking control of someones toy. Although its is fun when two people are trying to sail one boat and only one person know about it…

The 2.4 does not have that duplication/interference issue. So telling the world that I’m on 2.4 ghz with dsm2 technology doesn’t really do anything…if there is a clip with you channel on the board, then you can grab it and use it. if your channel is not there, then you need to find another…

I guess horizon hobby is is violation of the FCC since they did not ship any 2.4ghx clip with mydx6 tx/rx combo I bought… several years ago…:eek:

I’m done beating this horse…