well, were getting close to 30 members in our club and even though not everyone will show up everytime; it made me rethink my freq…

who uses the 50mhz? is it surface or universal? is 75 any more reliable than 27 or 50? isn’t there a 52 w/ham license?

i have 2 yachts assigned one freq and will be adding others and the club tug on it as well by obtaining extra receiver crystals.

got a clew?

have lotsa questions.

75 has less interference than 27,I think. 50 requires a ham license, doesn’t it? They’re easier to get now that you don’t need Morse code.

Our frequency control is a hunk of clothesline with all the 75MHz channels clothespinned to it. Cut up some styrene sheet, stick a bunch of 2" numbers to 'em and CA to the clothespins. Total expenses about $10. When you get to the pond, you just grab your frequency pin.

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Here in Hawaii none of my AM 75 freq work at all. 27 AM work well. Fm 75 is starting to have interference. I have switched to 27 and 75 PCM. Ten years ago 27AM didn’t work at all because of tour busses CB’s? FM 75 worked well but not now. We have two towers TV -Radio? Within 1000’. FM 75 can go less than 100’ with antenna down. AM 75 0’ with antenna up. AM 27 200’ antenna down. PCM 27 or 75 no glitches as far as I can walk 500’. My daughter had problems with her 27AM so we traded for my 75AM. We both have no problems now. She’s in Georgia