Free to a good home!

Hello after a long absence!

I’m clearing my house and life in preparation to emigrate to Australia

The following are offered free to anyone who values them:

SLOICE - see picture

Hull and keel, etc complete with removable rudders
No radio or servos
folds into box

Sloice was sailed at the 2009 EuroFooty at Birkenhead
More historic than competitive
and yes, the port side is red
(Sloice’s profile is that of VOOOOORTREKKKKER)

Angus Richardson design, made from his coordinates
Suitable for fibreglass, mamie mache, vac-form or coke bottle shrink moulding - all of these have been done

BAKERS DOZEN - incomplete Footy hull
One of Angus the Ogre’s last designs and so called because it is 13" overall length (single Diagonal )
Vacuum-formed in ABS sheet
Hull joined all round apart from centre deck. Rudder made and supplied
Angus designed BDoz with a raised foredeck, and we “discussed” this quite a lot. I am happy to accept that the raised feature works, but heavens its ugly, so its not on my plug!

These are all in Lutterworth UK, and can be collected or could be posted , in which case I would appreciate the postage to be paid


Hey Andrew,

Why not take them with you, and enjoy sailing footy’s down under :slight_smile:
If not, i am a real fan of Angus’s desing, and would definately give the Voorktrekker mould and Bakers Dozen hull a goos home :slight_smile:

When are you moving?


Hi, Scott

Because I’m taking the other footies! Presto and Easy-footy etc

No idea when I’m going because both my (artificial) ankles have had problems - one has had its cam-belt changed but t’other has no obvious failures but makes walking near impossible. So - when permitted by surgeon is the answer.

Plug and hull will be in the post if you would remind me of your snail-mail address, perhaps by PM or email

I will be not far from Andrew Cook, and need to find out where the footies are raced, or if not, start racing them!

Morning Andrew,

Sorry i never caught up with you in 2013… :frowning: After i got back from the USA, i didn’t do any footy racing, as i had lots of other things to contend with…
Glad to see you got Easy-footy built. i recall you showing me the plan. How does it sail? (looks like Bill’s Razor 3 design, but flat bottomed… so it out to be pretty quick)

Sorry to hear about your ankles, and i hope they get sorted soon.

email sent, if you let me know postage cost, i can either BACS you the money (let me know your acc # and sort code) or send you a cheque if you give me your address.

I’m sure there will be plently of people wanting to race them out there…

Hope the parcel arrived, Scott

By the way I came across your illustrious name on another forum about waterplanes - you created a swift scale Walrus. respect! Meatbomber has been a builder I respect since I came across him building and sailing squareriggers. A Pond Twin or two lie in my future, and perhaps that is what I got the V911 Heli Brick for!

Unless anyone wants it Sloice will be reduced to its component parts and disposed of