Free Plans

The Italian AMON Site : have just announced the new directory “PLANS & MODELS” which is dedicated to all amateurs wanting to publish and share freely their plans and projects in .Zip format with the International RC yachting community.

This is possibly the largest collections of RC plans available on the net from the small of 60cm up to the largest of 2.4m.

Currently over 30 plans are available including:

M Class
RG 65
AC Classes
J Class
Concept Designs

Hopefully more designers will be publishing their plans here over time.

P.S Webmaster is at this minute up-loading files, should be up-to-date in few hours from now …sorry !

Thanks Alan for the annoucement.

Dario from AMON, told me that actually are all integrated except two : America3 and Fuxia-M, that were missing some where. I assume that all be completed very soon in the next fews hours with all 33 design projects.

Hope that this initiative will be suggesting to others modelers to presents their designs, just a simple zip that shall contains the 3 classical views and some scale drawings for shadows, if availables,and may be fews pictures .