Forward raked keels

Giddaye all,
Has anyone out there have any thoughts on the benefits,or otherwise of forward raked keels on IOM’s?

These keels were in favour early on in the life of IOM’s, however they seem to have fallen from favour. javascript:insertsmilie(’[:-banghead]’)
Banghead_125 [:-banghead]This probably is due to early IOM’s being bits of pigs to sail, and foil technology has moved lightyears ahead since then.
It appears to me that the IOM class has worked itself into a corner hull designwise, and the only thing left is to possibly go out on a limb, and move into improving foils.

I look forward to any input


Forward raked keels catch weed. IIRC thats why they went out of fashion.

Andy Little

Feel the need… the need for speed

I’m with you TF some original thought goes along way. Keep it going . There no weed where we sail.