Forum rc sailing still alive ?

Just simple question !

I have not seen anything on here except a post or two for months and months.

Though I am just as guilty as anyone for posting very little on this site I do in fact check it daily for anything new. (especially from you Claudio)

I am happy to see that you are well enough to post the question. Hoping your health has improved.

I have not been building any boats for the past year or so as I have picked up a new hobby that has kept me busy. (woodturning on a lathe – very addictive!) But. still interested in what others are doing and working on.


Great Clark , we are 3 with Lars.
Health side it is a bad season since my back from IRM analysis is in continuous degeneration and my wife is just back from Clinic after 5 months due to multiples fractures after falling on the bed room floor. Life not easy and my 80 are behind !!! of course !
Obviously modeling is on rest for a while, but I’m discussing matters about Esterel 45 for a possible build log with an Italian playing with AC120.
I wrote also to AMYA responsible for “OPEN” models. Waiting a reply.
Waiting the temperature to go back to a reasonable level for possible lamination start on male mock up.

Im still kicking :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really have much input to give lol.

In an other forum, not nominated here, there are posts every day on multiple RC sailing subjects !


I am not a builder, so not much input from me. But I do follow others that post here. And check back once or twice a week. There are a couple of other options, that have a bit more to offer.

Is this forum definitively dead ?

Still looking at the site but not much time to sail rc.Claudio,i tried unsuccessfully to send you an email.Maybe you changed your address.Plese can you send me back your address.Mine is still

Hello Gilles,

Happy New Year !

Nice to see you here after several months. Indeed this Forum is almost inexistent.
Sent direct Email to your address. My Email also changed.

I am pleased to see any activity here. I continue to monitor the site but it’s been very very slow. I notice slowing at rcgroups as well. It has been a busy year here doing other activities. Sold some boats to thin the heard. Have my favorites but other family activities have taken most of my time. Will be getting back to sailing as soon as the weather gets a wee bit more inviting. We have had a number of weeks of decent rain here which is really good news. If if continues we make actually have normal year of rain fall. Hard to remember what that’s like.
Good sailing

i come here weekly… and if there is a post… I reply… remember i am into americas cup boats… not the new airplanes they fly… but I loved the 12 meters and the Iacc boats… even the J class were classy… I got hooked on Canada 1 in 83…

It appears alive but, just barely! Seems the winter has slowed the level of interest in radio sailing. This slow down is not new, seems to happen each year. This years seems usually quiet. It appears that is experiencing a similar decline in activity. Not sure the effect our weather has had on out local activity but this was particularly hot summer. The good news is the drought in California is all but over for now. Lakes and reservoirs are at capacity. Great news. Local ponds are full to, so I am hoping the action starts to pick up.
I have several boats in construction in my shop and am looking forward to getting those completed and ready for sea trails. One is a Seawind kit I’ve had for years and the other is a CR 914 that’s begging to be finished. Once they are done I’ll be back on the water for sure.
Hope to see some posts here for others looking to get out now that Spring is here.

I have been around but this winter i have not been able to do much with the hobby… had 2 deaths in the family. and I got a real bad case of pnemonia… but now i am back to drawing and building… I have found a new boat from a new/old builder. do a search for H20… or northern 12… a copy of Canada 1. and seems to be a reasonable price for what you get… I have not brought it yet… but damm close… just need a few more $$$ for servos and sail material… I have also started building endeavour… ( j class) but my guess will not look as good as claudios… but hey… i am the only one in my area… that will have 2 Js… in the water

I am amazed to see zero activity on the forum? Wondering what is happening to RC sailing out there that there seems so little dialog happening. Has everyone found other activities or has life just gotten in the way?
I am still sailing my favorites and enjoying it! Perhaps it’s only the regular club sailors that are still going strong out there. Hope not!

RC G5oups has slowed down also. I believe more clubs and sailors are using Facebook.

I am sure you are correct. Not sure if that’s a good thing. I have enjoyed the forums over the years and learned a lot from other members. Sad to see the interest declining.

Facebook is just as useful. Times change. I have found that a lot of people that used to post here, as well as RC Groups, post on Facebook.

Hopefully I can help bring some of the action back to this fantastic resource…
Hope you like the new forum site!

Thanks for your efforts to upgrade this forum! I hope this coming year sees an up tick in interest and activity. I’m not a big Facebook fan for a number of reasons. The idea is a winner but the power the creator has amassed is scary! My lack of support won’t make any difference one way or the other. I’m afraid I am old school - Any way thank you for your work here!

Get that beautiful SeaWind finished and I’ll be happy to get it Class-registered for you.
Ron Small
SW Class Sec.

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