Forum loading times

I don’t know if it’s just me, but yesterday and today trying to access the forum has been incredibly slow - more like the old style ‘dial-up connection’

I’ve run a speed test which returned ‘normal’ results for me; Ping: 55ms, Download: 6.91 Mbps & upload: 0.37 Mbps. All other web sites appear to be functioning normally - it’s just this forum thats being depressingly slow. ( loads fine)

Have I inadvertently clicked something ? Is everyone finding it slow at the moment or is it just UK connections or is it just me?

I’ll try reconnecting later to see any responses.

Cheers all,


Has not been slow here!


no problem here in Minnesota either.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

First thing this morning (0800 UK BST time) took nearly 4 mins to load forum title page.

Have just tried again and normal service seems to have resumed. Perhaps my notebook is bi-polar!!