Forum Guidelines for Plans and Designs

Area to facilitate interested parties in boat plans and designs.
Please Check Back Often as this area is a work in progress.

Includes free designs and paid for designs and plans.

Posting Guidelines for this forum:
[li]Mark the Post as Free in pre-fix if Free or Paid if it is a design that will need to be purchased[/li][li]In title put design’s class followed by name of design[/li][li]Edit First post if there are changes or updates to design along with a version number[/li][li]State stipulations for / with use of design[/li][li]State Design specifications as best as possible[/li][li]You may upload design / plans as an attachment (For Free Posts)[/li][li]If possible attach a mockup or working model as an attachment[/li][li]Post Contact information and/or origin of design[/li][li]Please be responsible and make sure the design is yours and/or have permission to post![/li][/ul]If Paid:
[li]List your contact information along with Price of Plan/Design at the top of the post[/li][li]List items received for sale including any shipping / printing charges[/li][li]Attach preview of design in jpg format if possible[/li][li]Do Not upload entire design/plan (at this time the forum is not setup to allow only paid recipients to download)[/li][/ul]

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