Forum freezing

In case this is just my problem I thought I would ask for help. Since the ‘Who’s Online’ bottom bar appeared I am finding that I can view very few threads here without the application stopping responding and I need to ctrl/alt/delete to get out of here. It appears that threads with the new large photos are the problem.

I am using IE6, Win XP, good optical high speed link in case this matters. Any thoughts?

i just tested mine… and no problems here… i am using firefox… if that makes any difference…why dont you try firefox… i was a big netscape fan… untill 2 bozos here turned me to firefox,.( thanks dan and wis) never looked back… i like it as a browser

I use Netscape 7 here with no problems. :smiley:

Your problem is almost certainly IE6, which is no longer supported by most Web server software. It’s also a standing invitation to get hacked. I strongly recommend moving to Firefox.



Is this still happening? I have tested the board using all the different browsers and have not run across this issue. (including ie6)

Does this happen after long period of time?

I use … They are in a sandbox so maybe I am still missing something.