Fortune 612! production stopped!

just an info:

I have a friend who got intersted about rc sailing…his budget is kind of short…so not so many boats avaible here in Japan…

  1. fortune
  2. AG cup racer 620

We ordered a Fortune (he likes the look…Oracle design…looks great, I must say)…but all shops I know are sold out!
Well, I went a step further and called Kyosho…dang what a surprise: they will stop the production of the Fortune (if not already!)

So, now, we are looking for another cheap entry boat…any ideas??
Do remember that we live in Japan…so be aware of the shipping cost.



if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

wis look at victor boats.
they are cheap and pretty good quality, abd the good thing is you have to supply the lead. that meens the shipping will be down a little
you should check it out

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Actually most kit boxes are shipped on volumetric weight, (the theoretical weight the box could contain) so not including a keel bulb just ads aggravation for the customer. It does not save anything in shipping costs.
Why some manufacturers have not figured this out yet is beyond me.
Not only do we include the keel material in all of our kits, it is pre cast for you. Lead shot and epoxy is approximately 12% less dense than a solid bulb. This means your bulb or keel is 12% larger than it has to be. That?s a lot of extra drag under your boat.

Peter R.



What about the Sea Dolphin? It’s actually pretty cheap. Over here in the states the Victoria is very popular, but I think the Dolphon will sail better out of the box than the Vic.


Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

How about the CR914?
It’s made by AG (japanese company), it looks like a AC class boat (at least like an old one) , and sails pretty well.
Or the Victoria could be another option…
I think Tamiya has another R/C sailboat in their catalog too (at least in the uS)

FYI the Victor V-32 kit comes with ballast.

The Other Matt

thanks all for the help here.
He got a Seadolphin…I found a cheap one…sometimes i wonder how cheap things I can find! just for info: a full kit with everything included (even NiMH batt) and shipping to his door---------> 23.000 Yen

I must say that I was thinking first about a Victor…but, well he is not a builder…worst then me LOL
Then the AG 914…a bit over his budget [:(], so I was thinking about the AG 620…but the Seadolphin was the cheapest…as I said, his budget is short!
Wait and see…

Again thanks


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Well, he did get an Oracle (ex-Fortune)
The kit says Ready to Sail! as for us: ready to sail after re-shaping the sails (wow that was bad shape…not even straight, the guy who cut it was maybe “drunk”…so I had to cut 4mm on the jib…the mainsail…well I should do the same but he wants to try it…my next work on it!
; and checking every screw aso…the jib/main boom is made of cheap plastic and are very soft [:(]…

Would I recommend a fortune or Oracle----> no way! Its a toy! I am very disappointed with the work Kyosho did on it!
The Seawind is better in any point! of course its more expensive…
I will continue to tell about his Oracle! (I am sure the guys form the real Oracle will feel BAD after seeing this “cheap” ripp-off.

Is it worse than my Nirvana?

well…as I didnt see it, its hard to tell…I will tell you after we went sailing [;)]
but the servos looks pretty weak…oh and btw…the sails are made in some kind of plastic (vinyl or seomthing)


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!