Formula 48 Class-Registrations

microSAIL! has today registered six Formula 48 Class multihulls to individuals in: Marblehead, Massachusetts: one X3 trimaran foiler(QuickTrac Retractable Foil System),Hawaii(students in Switzerland): two D4Z catamarans with Power Ballast Systems; Orlando.Fl.: one D4Z with PBS, one X3 trimaran foiler (Quick Trac retractable foil system) and one boat built locally by a pioneer in multihulls in the USA.
UPDATE: 12/6/03 Three of these registrations filed with the AMYA are no longer current.

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

December 6, 2003

The above was posted by the manufacturer of these boats on August 5, 2003.

Be advised it is not an “official” posting by the Formula 48 Class Owners Association, nor does it reflect the actual number of boats registered in the Class.

We are sorry for any confusion this post has caused.

Please contact the Formula 48 Class Owners Association for more information at:

<center><u><font color=“green”><font size=“3”>REMINDER TO F-48 MULTIHULL OWNERS/BUILDERS !</font id=“size3”></font id=“green”></u>
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Each year, the F-48 MCOA requires renewal of membership by owners of registered multihulls. Renewal of membership in the F-48 MCOA will require the completion and return of requested information to allow the acting secretary to update and maintain and report on currently registered yachts and members of the F-48 MCOA and will now be done in accordance with prescribed AMYA By-Laws.

7.5 The Class Secretary or class owner’s association will handle yacht registrations and transfers and collect the required fees for these services. These fees may be retained by the Class Secretary or class owners association to defray administrative costs. (1995)

7.6 The Class Secretary or class owner’s association shall be responsible for maintaining a current set of Class Specifications and a roster of registered yachts. Class owners associations sshall submit all changes to Class Specifications to the Executive Secretary as soon as possible after approval by the registered owners. (1995)

7.14 No yacht will be properly registered unless its assigned identification number is permanently affixed to the hull in a readily visible location.

A significant change will take place for the 2004 year, which will greatly impact the current “membership” list of the F-48 MCOA that has been developed. Please refer to By-law # 7.14 (above) and note that to be properly “registered” an assigned I.D. number must be permanently affixed into the hull in a readily visible location. This means that yachts having been assigned a sail number, prior to 2004 will be required to have that sail number incorporated into (or onto) the hull to meet AMYA prescribed by-laws. Since the F-48 MCOA assigned sail number is also the assigned Identification Number (ID) of the multihull, this number will act as your registration number. *see below for suggestions

During 2003, a series of incidents took place that questioned the specific number of registered members, and registered yachts. To correct the concern and confusion, and to comply with AMYA Registration Requirements - for 2004 all yachts to be registered will require the sail number (ID) to be displayed in a visible location on the hull BEFORE the yacht is registered. Renewals of registration no later than February 1, 2004 will require the completion of the following information, AND will require a photograph to be sent to the F-48 MCOA of compliance with By-Law # 7.14 noted above. The return of renewal registration, may be by fax, email or U.S. Postal Service mailing and must be completed by the February 1, 2004 date. Rule 7.14 compliance is required only once for each sail number assigned.

As part of this process, the photo (digital or hard copy) will be maintained as part of the F-48 MCOA files, in the event we are questioned about the number of yachts registered, and the number of members registered. This information will also be shared with the Open Class AMYA Secretary.

Although your sail numbers have been previously assigned - perhaps to yachts still under construction - the F-48 MCOA was criticized for assigning numbers when the boats didn’t exist. Thus, in an effort to maintain credibility of our registration numbers, the need for photo evidence of compliance with By-Law #7.14 is requested. Until such time as full information and confirmation of a yacht exists, assigned sail numbers to you will need to be considered as “TEMPORARY” assignments, and they do not become permanent until the “YACHT IS PROPERLY REGISTERED.” They may be re-assigned in 2005 if they have not been made permanent by December 31, 2004.

Feel free to contact me with questions of for further detail.

<font color=“purple”>Here is the registration information required:</font id=“purple”>
BOAT CONFIGURATION (trimaran, catamaran, other):
MAKE OF BOAT (design):

By mail:
C/o 1460 W. 17th. Street
Hastings MN 55033

Or by fax to: 651-438-8314 (24 hours)

Or by email to:

<u>Suggestions for Rule 7.14 Compliance:</u>
<ul>[li]Using permanent marker, record sail number inside radio compartment
[/li] [li]Using contrasting color of paint - paint sail number on bow of main hull of trimaran
[/li] []Using contrasting color of paint - paint sail number on inside of bows of catamaran []Other similar permanent and visible locations[/list]

Hey Dick,

As I am sure you are aware, in many other classes, a hull registration sticker is prepared by the class secretary and sent to the class members which they install inside the hull (usually under the hatch opening or some other readily accessable location).

More importantly, in classes where boats must be measured in, the registration sticker is often given to the owner by the class measurer after the boat has been measured as class legal. I suggest that you might want to consider this option.

  • Will

Will Gorgen

Hi Will -

thought about that but a couple of issues…

  1. Sail numbers are our registration numbers. That way when a boat is sold (Mark Baldacchino’s NIGHTMARE as example) we simply change the name/address/info of new owner, and he doesn’t have to mess about removing sail numbers, etc.

  2. Class rules eliminated a Class Measurer and “certified” class measurements. We saw the grumbling from other classes about taking a full day (in some cases) to measure in boats and said …“WHY?”

Thus our rules are unique from the standpoint that each owner “certifies” by his entry that the boat meets class rules. Anyone is open to protest/challenge for an accurate measurement, and owner must be prepared to show how it was measured and what actual size really is.

In the case of our F-48 Rules, - again we got rid of a lot of the big-boat rules that seem to have invaded the r/c rules, … so when an owner shows up for a class regatta, we simply lay a box of 48" x 48" interior I.D. on the ground and the boat platform must fit inside of it. As for sails - again, owner is responsible to assure they meet class rules, and all they have to provide is the method in which the sails were measured, or overlay them with a set of known size.

That really is the beauty of a limited rules class - development is wide open, but a boat can be race ready when it arrives - no need to pull out tape measures, etc. if there is no challenge. Once we get to a point where owners are willing to travel to a regional or Nationals, we will see if this creates issues. Until then, it was a K.I.S.S. answer to a minor issue! Perhaps, a NASCAR type of minimal fee for teardown/inspections might be needed … owner posts $10.00 and protestee posts $10.00 - Out of compliance, owner is DSQ. In compliance, and protestee loses his fee. Could eliminate a lot of questionable protests. Other option (yet to be decided/approved) is to simply and randomly measure at end of regatta but include the top two finishing boats. Can be creative - but will wait to see if it turns out to be an issue.

Major reason for the reminder, is that in 2003, non-existant boats (not even under construction) were registered in both the F-48 Class Association <u>and</u> in the AMYA Open Class. I really don’t have a problem registering boats - as they build them, it’s when boats get registered by a third party, the “owners” can’t be contacted to verify the boat exists, and the third party wants to get boat numbers registered for personal reasons ---- well just not a good situation. So to insure boats exist - we will follow the AMYA By-Laws to insure something exists. Of course, nothing prohibits an “owner” from placing a sticker inside the hull of a monohull and taking a close-up photo, but there would be little reason to go through all of that just to register something that doesn’t yet exist. (perhaps?)

In an effort to make the numbering attractive, the thought of using sail number on bows like a few big boat classes do, and incorporate the number into the paint scheme, would be the next easiest to accomplish. Kind of like the Mini 6.5 transatlantic singlehanders are doing.