Formula 100 Class Information and Discussion

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The rules and some comentary on the Class are posted at: see F100
NOTE: microSAIL! is accepting no further orders on the F100CBTF for the time being; the rules are being hosted as a service to those amateur and professional builders interested in this class.
The F100 was founded in France where it is currently raced mainly in fixed keel versions. The idea of the founders was create a one meter class with very few restrictions-allowing experimental sail planforms, spinnakers , canting keels ,on deck “Trapeze” movable ballast ect.
Several members of this forum are building F100’s besides myself: among them are two New Zealanders: Gappy who fairly recently sailed the first F100 using a canting keel and John Beavis whose boat is under construction and features a canting keel, twin foils(as does Gappy’s by the way) and a spinnaker.
Graham Bantock has designed the F100CBTF that I’m about to build; I’m right in the middle of building three one off smaller test boats that will also serve as CK Trainer prototypes.
Several concepts are being tested on the proto’s and if they work may be incorporated into my F100.
This is a startup class ; every class has to start somewhere so join in and try your hand! US One Meters and some types of IOM may make good F100’s modified with a deeper fin and more sail area. Remember, this is a wide open class emphasizing development so use your imagination.
Check the archives(“Search” function) under canting keels and F100 ,F100CKTF , and or F100 Development for infomation regarding this class.
Feel free to post questions and ideas relating to this class or contact me directly at:

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Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

Well it is nearly winter time down here and I am back into building my second F100 as the big boat season has ended. Progress is going well and she will be quite a bit lighter than my first boat which is I am still using.

Has anyone else started to build one of these as there has not been any news on the forum lately but it would be good if their were others out there to share some info with.

Cheers Gappy

I have built three CK trainer protos to test a new canting keel trunk which appears to work well(on dry land and static water tests); it eliminates the bump that is under some canting keel boats and cants at 55 degrees plus. Will start on F100 tooling after sailing tests with the CK protos to make sure the trunk works well in sailing conditions. CK proto’s all use the kFOIL as a lateral resistance solution and one of the first two F100’s will also us it. The second will be CBTF…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing