For Wannabe Builders

If you want to try your hand at construction of a monohull, might want to consider the “Wee Nip” plans. They are currently being offered for free download from the Traplet Publications site.

This would allow you opportunity to try building a boat for a very low investment in cost or time. And it could always be given away to a child as gift. My feeling is you will want to retain to play with. Enjoy !


did you build one? I am interested in what method he used for the keel bulb.

No Larry -

like some other Texas sailor/builder I know [:D] … I have way too many boat projects now - and an understanding wife who is getting less understanding.[:(!] … I found it looking for info on MIDNIGHT OIL plans (2 Meter tri) and saw it. Got a 6 year old grandson and have been looking for something inexpensive and easy to build as winter project. I also had one that was a set of Dutch plans at about 25 inches.

Will take a look and give you my impressions/thoughts. At worst, I can email the marine editor at Marine Modeling magazine and ask.

I downloaded the Wee Nip plans some time ago, and am just waiting to complete my current project before getting stuck into building two of them (one each for my two sons).

There is a video on the web of the Wee Nip sailing at

It looks sooo cute! Well done Graham Bantock.


HI Larry
I built the “Footie” very similar and I used some “stick-on” wheel weights. (2) 6oz. pieces stuck together and faired out with some balsa wood/bondo and epoxied over. And a piece of K&B brass for the fin. Jim K.

For models this small a piece of round stainless steel can work well. I used this on a balsa Huson 24 from Dumas when first starting out. The lead pieces were missing from the used kit that I inherited. The stainless is reasonably easy to cut and drill and not a hazardous material. The bulb was faired using a pair of balsa nose cones laying around from Estes model rockets (I never throw anything away). Clyde

This might be a good project to use the lead BB pellets/epoxy method.