for those of you wanting to see canada

For those people that want to see some of my country… BEFORE WE GET INVADED… You should check out toronto… they have a great model sailboat club there… with a great pond… the women/wife are close to down town for shopping while you sail
Ottawa has a nice pond too… but i find it lacking in wind… not current at all though… plus the poeple are nice…
Kingston is the BIG IOM city for me… they got good wind of lake ontario…
i am not sure about all the club on the west coast.I have only been to 2 of them… both with real good wind( i think alittle too much wind for footies) but if you are good… then no trouble… plus the food there is alot better than the food here in ontario.
the east coast…well i twill tell you this… the people out there are very wierd… almost too friendly… i was sailing in dartmouth… ( twinn city to halifax…) and i bumped into another sailor… every where I was in the wrong… and i was… but he said sorry . before i did…
you want good food there you go…
best sailors all depends on where you go

cheers and welcome to my country:zbeer:

Hey - and the Canadian beer ain’t bad either



Ok there is a comment i could make about American beer been like cricket _ _ _ _

Now that I left Alberta and have set up in Northwestern Ontario on beautiful Lake of the Woods (Kenora Ontario) I am again stuck with forming a sailing club here. Maybe this time it will go over even better then in Alberta.

Don’t forget London, Ontario. We have the best pond you could imagine. but there are only four of us sailors in a motor boat club. The pond is open to the prevailing west winds, there is a concrete competitors stand with parking 10 feet away---- and so very few of us members. Three of us sail Footys, but mostly Soling 1M, as well as an assortment of others, including a 1M Chinese junk, two schooners, one Mini 12, one Marblehead…etc. Give us a call on the Forum if you’re in our area. Wed and Sat, 1 PM.

Anyone know of a club / group in Monrtreal?

Im also looking for something in Montreal! since I just built my first boat (a footy) just before the ice Ive only gone once on the lachine canal. I think I will go there right now, looks windy :slight_smile:

Mr. Foresakenrider

There is a groups I will be looking for that sail from the old “Edgwater Hotel” location. Basicaly at the new pier at the end of Cartier Avenue in Pointe Claire.

I have seen them there once, and do hope to catch them this year… That’s all I know… (Hense why i originally asked!) And, from what I understand, they are mainly a [Victor] Soling fleet, with the odd IOM boat…

They had weird hours: friday 1-3pm, and Sunday, 10am-1pm, or so I’ve been lead to believe…

I’m on the “West Island”… you?


eeek, pointe claire is a bit of a trek for me. Im pretty close to downtown (atwater) on the lachine canal. The hardes part for me is finding a dock that i can get down to the canal on.

Im actually going to go try right now after I have lunch. I’ll let you know how I make out!