For the windless days

Ok, Ok, I know this forum is for rc sailboats but I couldn’t help but letting you guys know about a great little rc airplane called the “Aero Ace”, sold by Air Hogs at common retailers for around $30.
It’s really gotten the attention of the microflyer guys because (unlike alot of the mass produced small RTF planes), this thing actually flies pretty darn well. In fact, there’s 1000 response threads occuring on several discussion forums:

The thing is a real hoot to fly & almost impossible to damage if crashed.
It’s sort of like the Footy of the rc airplane world.

The radio system looks to be the thing for the footys, but only if you can swap the servos with bigger ones. Just need to add some connectors (maybe) for the servo(s) and coat it in the dielectric epoxy. Probably a Y-connetor for the sailwinch, and a micro servo for the rudder. Maybe a bigger battery too. Since it’s 27 Mhz, you can fool with the transmiter (legally) too. I’d put a dual-himbal stick on it for sailing.

Need more time first to read those two things Bill listed.

the air hog is a nice airplane to fly. but i would not play with it. range is a big problem with them. my friend has one. and the range is about a football field. but you are right. they are practily indestrucable. we got use to dive bombing with them. for the footies. i would use a REAL radio. those are REAL models out there. and i for one do not cheapen thing. i could put a toy radio in my ocean 500. but i dont

Hey Tomo,
The airhogs radio wouldn’t work with servos!!
You sure do need some time to read Bills links.

That sounds like an awful lot of work, considering that you can buy a basic AM set of electronics pretty darn cheap these days. You really wouldn’t want to spend more than a couple hours (at $15/hr) and no extra cost for the servos, etc. You won’t be saving any money & the ultra lightness is more important in a VERY SMALL airplane than a small boat. It’s a physics thing…

Why do’t you try it out in your Footy?? Get back to the rest of us & let us know it works

But the REAL reason not to go down the route you suggest is that the A-Ace only has 3 channels available on the 27mhz band. If you’re at all interested in racing, that’s a very serious limitation.

As to your second point, I couldn’t agree more,


ps to Cougar; These things are so small, you can barely see them thing 100 yards away anyway.

Heres’s some more from the original maker, Silverlit, now available only in Europe:

These have similar"gear" in them that I used in my 4 inch yacht.My stuff came from a small “stunt” car and had 2 nicad cells that weighed 4 grams each.
The Airhog would have been a better donor as it comes with a much lighter lipo battery.Tempted to get one just to hack:)

Wwell, I did read the other links yesterday and some other related stuff today. You could make an actuator from the two motor circuits for the rudder, but I don’t think there’s anything left to use for the sailwinch.

I don’t put a monetary value on the time I put into the hobby. It’s for fun, so there’s no reason to for it. Don’t make money a more important thing than fun & family.

What’s your idea of a ‘real’ radio system?

Maybe a heli radio would be better?

One motor circuit could be used as an actuater…though it would have to be one serious coil of wire to get enough torque.
Basically this radio system only has enough grunt for something very small,like something about 1/3 footy size.
Well thats my experience anyway.and I have actually done something like this.

Well, if you’re into fooling around with the electonics, these airplane guys have done some pretty serious reverse engineering & modifications to the transmitter, etc, as evidenced by this thread:
Personally, I think I’d RATHER BE FLYING!!

Actually I’m just leaving to meet a friend & do some model landyachting on a big vacant parking lot nearby. The ice is almost gone