Footys on Vacation

Not sure where I’m going for my summer holidays - but pretty likely there are a fair numbr of people going to about the same place. If I were to take a Footy with me, it would be nice if I could meet other Footy people, not just from the place I’m going to but other visitors.

Anyone want to volunteer to run a database to make this possible?

I thought that the Footy map would make your wish possible, but that’s only if enough people will add themselves to the map.

It only works if people put contact info in there somewhere or use the same username as in the forums. There’s some guy named Music! on there that looks kind of dodgy. I wonder who that is? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a few requests to contact Frappr users and I, as admin, don’t have contact info for them either. I think I’ll add my email in there somewhere. I never remember to check the internal message systems.

There is a calender in our group. You can just add your vacation dates and then
make a general post(s) making members aware when and where you will be.

Excellent idea… I think you can add some actual details to the calendar entry too on yahoo. I am aiming to be in Florida, Ormand beach in October… already have my invites from some locals…:slight_smile:


For all the Footy USA yahoo group members. You can now post your vacation date and destination under the DATABASE section. And I made an addition to the groups home page about this.

Hope this helps:zbeer: