Footys International

An increasing number of people are finding that Footying internationally can be tremendous fun - and very good value indeed. If you compete in an event abroad, you can be assured of a warm welcome by a group whose interests you share and who will at the very least be able to advise on good value accommodation, etc. that you might not easily find on the Internet.

Within Europe all of this can be done quite cheaply. St. Ryan of the Airways and his fellows St Easyjet, St. Whizz etc. provide transport at rates that are frequently dirt cheap and, with flight times of a couple of hours, it is possible in many cases to take part in a Footy regatta over the weekend and be back behind your desk on Monday morning.

Intercontinental trips do require more planning. Fares are much higher, so they have to be budgeted for. You will inevitably have to eat into your holiday allowance from work - which also needs planning. It would therefore be a good idea if organisers made their intentions known as early as possible.

Organisers should be aware that attracting foreign visitors is tremendously rewarding. In terms of ‘man visits’, we in the UK have had :
USA : 3
Sweden :2
Italy: 2
Poland: 7
Canada: 1
and I think everyone agrees that a tremendous time was had by all!

Let us get together - and get together.