Footys in Southern California

Today I was invited by Don Marshall to join with his sailing group in Sky Valley Resort outside of Palm Springs. A rather nice mobile home park with a nice little pond. We had four Footys in the water for most of the duration of the sailing session along with some Solings. It was a pleasant afternoon under the shade of a nice grove of trees. Two of the boats were of Razor design and Don and another were sailing Graham’s kit boats, Kittiwake. The wind was very light, but Graham’s boat took the lead everytime and in fact laped us!!! I sailed my gaffed rig Kitty most of the time because I can’t seem to get my other boat trimmed out since I made some changes. But, if I get ot tuned, I could give Kittiwake a run for her money:)
All in all a great day for Footys in the USA. Be it small, but I believe it’s the most Footys together in N. America. I will put some pics here, but I will put more in a folder on the Footy USA site. Come on guys, lets do more of this, it’s fun! Photo credits go to my dear wife Jackie, who is such a patient woman to put up with my antics. She did enjoy meeting everybody and had a good time too.

Looks like a great time Bob. I had the FatBob out for her maiden voyage today, now named The Teal. Two footys are much better than one. Four must be fantastic.

How much of Don’s success was boat and how much skipper? My day was somewhat frustrating. The wind seemed to come from every direction but the one I had the sails trimmed for.

Very nice! That had to be a blast! I am building Graham’s Pintail. Have her almost done and she will be my first sailboat. Should prove interesting! What site are you posting more images on? I am not sure what site is Footy USA. Thanks.


Never mind I found them! Awesome photos!

Well done Bob. Looks like it was real fun.

And let’s all raise a glass to Tallastro, without who’s map it would probably never have happened. Get in there guys and get on the map. It can make fun for you too.

Bob, why don’t you send it to Charles Hall (webmaster of the official website) as a news item. As you say, it’s a great day for Footys in the USA.

Looks like fun indeed, Bob…makes me envy your weather.

If any of the Razor sailors would like to contact me to talk about their boats, they can email me at or call 603-284-6642. Can’t have Kittiwakes lapping Razors!!! :mad:

Bill H

And the design battle hots up! Anyone want a Red Fox?

Well, Bill, in defense of my Razor, Starry, when I examined it, I found several things wrong. One, I had the jib pivot point set too far forward. Two, the slot that holds my mast in place enlarged itself somehow, so when I tack the whole mast turns slightly to leeward. But the biggest problem was that the gimble in my transmitter was not going it’s full length of travel!!! Seems to me I need to find more time to sail before I go to these events! Honestly, tho, a well tuned Kittiwake is a tough boat to beat! Way to go Graham!

footy usa is the yahho footy group. you can find a link to it from the footy webpage [ it should be on the home page.]:cool: