Footys in Famous Places

A bit of fun!

Who can get the best picture of a Footy sailing somewhere really famous? I’m targetting the fountain in Trafalgar Square, London.

NB It might be a good idea to tell the police what you were doing beforehand!

That’s a neat idea.

Using some trick photography, you could make your Footy look like it was sailing in the fountain there, or even in the Thames. I’m not sure if you can actually float your boat in the fountain or the Thames, but I think you could pose it to look like it was. Make it look like a people-boat in the fountain! My digital camera has a great macro lens for things like that, and you can play with the aperture and stuff.

Venice maybe? Trevi fountain?

Anybody sail a Footy in Central park lake (New York City)?

It wasn’t a famous place, perhaps, but I did post a picture of my Footy sailing past an alligator. That ought to count for something.

Mike Biggs

Alligators in Central Park!!?? (j/k)

A picture of a Footy next to one would help you figure out how long the 'gator was.

Hey Tomo - I sail in the Central Park Conservatory Lake as a member of the Central Park Model Yacht Club. The Footy does not really stand out that much because there are all different sizes of sailboats (homebuilt and store-bought) that sail here. Organized racing for M Class, 36 Class, and IOM Class is reserved for Saturday mornings. Anyone can sail their boats at other times. Odd number frequencies are reserved for a concession that rents r/c Lasers to the public, but the guy who runs it is quite amenable to working out any frequency conflicts.
So if any of you want to sail your boats in New York, in one of the oldest model sailboat sites in the US, you are more than welcome.