Footys hit the big time

Here’s a massive step forward, WoodenBoat magazine is running a Footy race next June.

One of us here should point them to some of the class pages.

Especially for plans and kits for wooden builds. :slight_smile:

Will be a “few” upset plastic hull boat owners for sure!

Rules are “WOOD” hulls since it’s Wooden Boat - thought I’d point that out before eveyone gets so excited they overlook that fact.


At least it’s not cedar over steam bent white oak frames! :wink:

Got to check my balsa supply and start my second boat. The first isn’t finished but you get ideas as you work and learn. The first is already just a test bed for ideas.


Thanks, all. Yes, I posted that on the WoodenBoat Forum to measure interest.

We’re also having a lively discussion about replacing the America’s Cup with the Footy Cup (or some such name).

We’re looking at producing one-design wooden Footys for new builders at the WoodenBoat Show (June 27-29 at Mystic Seaport), and of course the developmental class for the America’s UnCup. (or Unamerican Cup, but bad connotations.)

It should be a blast. I’m about to embark on building a Razor unless there are better designs?

Thanks, Carl (

The medium does not make the artist. The skills make the artist. I’m sure the plastic dudes could make a whalin wooden boat as well.

It really does sound like a good idea to get a lot of newcomers into RC boating. I am a newcomer myself, but I am seventy years old and have been sailing since I was twenty-two and flying RC for about as long. Also fooled around with model boats, but not RC. Built a Rosinante hull after the Herreschoff plans in The Rudder and then built a thirty inch hull based on the Thistle. In other words, not your average beginner.

I hope it gets a lot of support and you run a good America’s Cup NOT! If I have a boat ready I might even try to get up there. Not having a car makes planning things like that iffy.

I hope you keep us posted on progress with the idea.


I think i may have missed it, this isn’t a one-design regatta right? When i first glanced at the thread i thought i saw something about one design… i hope not! this might be a good test for a “Stiletto”!

I think they want to develop a wooden model for beginners. I don’t think any racing is going to be one design since they already mentioned that footys are a development class. I think they do want wooden boats since it is a wooden boat magazine!


We’re exploring two components:

  1. One-design (kit) for newcomers. They’ll build and race during the WB Show. We’re trying to bring new people into boatbuilding and boating.

  2. Open (developmental) class for the un-AC Cup.

I’ll keep you posted. We’re designing and testing the one-design kit next week.

Thanks, Carl

This is great, Carl.

Call me at 603-284-6642 to talk over design possibilities and building tips. I have an updated Razor and Cobra Mk1 designs if you’d prefer.

Bill Hagerup

Carl, i don’t know if you are looking into it, but could i suggest you give Scalesailing’s Kittywake a try? I have never sailed one, but they are supposed to be easy to build, unsinkable, relatively fast - they seem to place consistently in races - and Graham is known for making a pretty quality product. The only issue i guess would be price… they are a little expensive, but hey! this is Mystic Seaport we are talking about… they can afford it.

Thank you for the mention Barrett, much appreciated.

Free download plans of the new ‘Harpy’ design are at which may be of interest Carl.

I am very pleased to see this initiative on your part and that of Wooden Boat magazine. As a regular Wooden Boat advertiser it is great to see our footys getting this kind of interest.

Great stuff!

Thanks for yours. Yes, I ordered one from Graham yesterday. Our in-house design team and I will be testing some one-design concepts during the next few weeks. We’ll be in good shape once the ice is out of the ocean.

And then on to me own custom design…

Thank you for yours, Bill. I’m rushing to get ready for Maine Boatbuilders Show – May I call you next week? I’d love to see your new designs.

I have personally built four of Graham’s kits and swear by their simplicity of design. Anyone can build one of these. And they sail well to boot!

May I suggest the WoodenBoat Cup, or Mystic Cup, or Good Sportsmanship Cup,(as it seems sportsmanship is inversely proportional to the size of the boat.) Something like America’s Pride Cup is trending overboard…

Anthing but “Un-America’s Cup.” That’s just uncool on many levels.