Footy's at South West Model Show

A strong team of ten members from Clevedon MBC turned out to set up our part of the exhibition. We unloaded Mike Mayhew’s trailer and set to erecting tables to display our 21 exhibits. I was fortunate enough to have a small folding table that was perfect to show off the seven Footy’s I had brought for the occasion.

There were lots of trade stands mainly selling plastic kits with exhibitors coming from as far as Birmingham, St Athens (Wales) and Plymouth to display their wares we were the only RC sailing club there but that did not matter we had a very interesting range of craft that attracted lots of attention.

We also got photographed by the local paper with Mike Mayhew holding his Junk Footy next to another much larger Junk and myself explaining a swing rig to one of the visitors.

I also had a photograph of me holding “PussyFoot” in front of the by Barrie Stephens the editor of MMI so the footy stand may well end up in there too.

Next weekend is the South West Ship Show at Portishead so I am going to have to put some additional stands together to display the boats better.

My thanks go to the Clevedon MBC members who all stayed to the end and helped pack up back into Mike Mayhew’s trailer.

Sadly, there hasn’t been a model show (at least one with r/c boats, because my club goes en mass) in my area since the mid or late 1990’s. It’s usually at a shopping mall, and the shoppers were complaining that they didn’t have room for walking because of the crowd around the boat tables ? :confused:

Fortunately, there is the annual boating & fishing festival on at the inner harbor near Lake Erie so we go to that with about a dozen boats of all kinds, and the sailors will usually all sail, providing there’s not a gale warning on the lake. Even the captain of the tour ship ( Goodtime III) will have his crew take a look over the rail to see is there is a boat near the bow thruster. The horn blast is enough warning tho.

Apologies to Barrie Stevens for spelling his name wrong and a heads up that the South West Ship Show at Portishead is on the 18th April not next weekend as I said in my previous posting.
Thanks to Jackie for pointing this out to me