FOOTYING conventionally

Well, a couple of ho-hum footys are under construction,

Tentatively named Sloice and Shipfoot

First sightings of them attached

For info: Sloice (like slice but further west) is 14mm wide. but may acquire velcro-on bustles for lift.

Ship foot will be square -rigged, but havn’t decided on ship or Brig rig yet - what would you all think to the idea of a Snow rig??

This conventionality is very comforting


I really am in favour of conventionally shaped yachts, but a Footy that is 14mm (1.4 cm or 9 / 16ths inches) wide seems more like a knife than a boat. I thought my Phinn-ichthy at 95 mm was thin, but you have outdone me again.
p.s. Our water here is still frozen, with at least a foot (30.5 cm) of snow on top of it.

Had some conventional progress over the weekend - got Sloice assembled, but not waterproof yet - no base on the hull yet

Good news - the AA cells fit perfectly into the Sloice hull - That is, of course why it is 14 mm wide.
Less Good news - none of my steam receivers fit into the 14mm space. I will, when time permits, sketch the layout but in words:

The middle of the hull is an open well/fin/mast box where these components are adjustably disposed (thank you Gary). Batteries live 2 ahead, 2 behind the box, Rx above the forward 2 batteries, servos screwed to the “decks”. Rudder servo is immediately ahead of the “transom”, sail servo somewhere ahead of that.

Rudder is hung on two dismantleable r/c aircraft hinges and will be 1/32 ply core with balsa sandwich each side.

Macrig, of course.

It is JUST possible that some more flotation may be required, Sloice will therefore acquire a pair of “bustles” attached (velcro or magnets) to the flat sides. These at present are being refined in shape in a secret location using FEA, CFD and TLAR techniques.

some pics of her attached - I believe that when fully watertight she will be the boat to beat in the Dead Sea footy racing.


Well it definitely isn’t an EEEE footy! :wink:



Sorry; not understood. Whats EEEE?

If you were from Yorkshire, I would assume it was the normal start to a conversation, as in
EEEEEE, bah gooom, that a reeeeet whippet tha knows!

but you are a colonial, so it can’t be that

EEEE is the widest shoe you are likely to find in a well stocked shoe store, at least in this part of the world.


Pete, Thanks

Every day we learn a new thing.

Today I have learned also that Sloice is bent - not as much a N Khan - but nicely banananaed. I will have to rectify this, but at present she would be unbeatable at Oval circuits.

Shipfoot hull is moulded and dried out - this is the first time that I have done papie mache using emulsion paint* as the glue/bonding agent. I have put on about 5 or 6 layers of ordinary newsprint, and the hull is leathery - but not crisp and stiff.

*I think this mat be what our US brethren (and sisteren) call latex paint. Its waterbased, low odour, fast drying and used for indoor large surfaces.

Not sure what I expected, but I can live with this and take steps to waterproof the paper (the emulsion paint is waterproof anyway)
Hull weight in this stage is 25 gms or close - which isn’t too bad for a box-filling hull.

The first three layers are bonded with gold emulsion, the next three with orange stuff - guess who is using up 10 year old matchpots?

She is properly cod-headed and mackeral-tailed, you will observe. Wonder if I could claim “scale” points?