Footydom Triumphant

There is an awaful lot of good in this class - and in this forum. Nigel Heron’s just emailed me with the pictures of the plug of my new Footy Prometheus (they’re on the USA Footy site).

But a boat designed in Wales with a little help from friends in the USA (and even England), plug built in Canada, will be put up for a race conceived in New Zealand and will be going sailing in the USA this summer.

And none of that would have been possible without this forum. Come on people: in its own tny way the Footy should represent the dawn of an age pf peace.

You’ve hit spot on, one of the best things the Internet can do for people- bring the world together and make distances bisappear.

I really hope all can just settle down in this “new” class, and just get on with discovering new things about modelling with this neat little yacht, and the building & sailing.

Cheers :zbeer: