Footy website re-launch

At Bill Hagerup’s suggestion I have taken over the Footy website. I’ve just finished re-building it with current information. You can find it here:


I’ve included Brett’s plans for the BobAbout as well as hull shapes for Bill’s Razor.

Please help spread the word, and remember to send me any news or information you think belongs on the site.

I have also found some old un-answered email to the previous webmaster. I’ll also be answering those over the next few days.

Charles Hall

Well done Charles.
The new website looks great. I will send you a picture of my effort shortly, just need the wind to drop down to a sailable strength.
Best wishes. :clown:

Nice website. I like that all the rules are nicely layed out and easy to follow along with building instructions/ideas.

Great looking site-

I’m working on a footy. Very inspiring. Will post pictures later


Site looks great Charles,Dont forget everyone there are free plans on the site so you can all build your own boats.
I will at some stage be offering more plans and info.

Don’t forget to email your results & observations to Brett if you make a boat with the plans he graciously shared.