Footy UNARIG drawings

During the work on the the BREITHORN Racing Footy® drawings I have decided to release the drawings for the rigs separatly. It is a downloadable set of drawings for the [b]Footy UNARIG[/b]. This is the rigs that were used on the winning BREITHORN Racing Footy® on the 2011 Euro Footy Grand Prix. The set contains a 30 pages downloadable pdf designed for printing on a standard A4 printer.

Table of Content:

0 – Footy UNARIG – Intruduction, 1 page
1 – Footy UNARIG – Rig assembly, 1 page
3 – Footy UNARIG – A+ sail, 4 pages
3 – Footy UNARIG – A sail, 4 pages
4 – Footy UNARIG – B sail, 4 pages
5 – Footy UNARIG – C sail, 3 pages
6 – Footy UNARIG – D sail, 2 pages
7 – Footy UNARIG – Reinforcements, 1 page
8 – Footy UNARIG – Sails assembly, 3 pages
9 – Footy UNARIG – Sail identification, 1 page
10 – Footy UNARIG – Sailnumbers, 1 page
11 – Footy UNARIG – National letters, 2 pages
12 – Footy UNARIG – Trim, 1 page
13 – Footy UNARIG – Sheet system, 1 page

The drawings are very detailed but on the same time there are many options and steps open for the creative ones. There is a mix of illustrations, drawings and explainatory texts. The drawings are designed to be printed on A4 paper, then they can be put side by side and scoched together.

I am working on the plans for the BREITHORN Racing Footy® and hopfully they will be out before christmas. I also have plans for a more beginners level footy called OceanFOOTY® which includes a detailled building instructions with over 50 pictures and drawings.

Hope you will enjoy the plans, have fun and good luck !!!

Over the weekend I downloaded these drawings, following the link in the message above to the Alp Yachts website. I have to say that my original thought was, for chf 5 this would be money well spent simply to acquire the precise dimensions of Marcus’ Euro winning rigs. As it happens, this has turned out to be the best value for the price that I’ve ever spent on model yachting!!! As expected, the documents contain all the rig dimensional and layout information. However, all the extra tips on building rigs, trimming rigs, trimming the yacht, efficient sheeting angles, servo sheeting angles etc etc is a fantastic bonus. Thank you Marcus.
The only trouble is that I feel the need to start tinkering with my boat again! But seriously, I can thoroughly recommend this download.

Thanks Phil for those kind words! Thanks to all of you downloading the drawings, I am very happy for the enormous interest! I have downloads from all around the world, even though the UK seems to have a special interest, it is warming after many hours of work on these plans :wink: I would like to invite all builders with questions or corrections to post here on this forum…

The BREITHORN Racing Footy drawings are coming along, will be readily available in about a week…