Footy Steri S3

My first Footy just arrived!
In November I went in Genoa port and I sow a dozen of RC footy in regatta. Incredible boats !

A couple of months ago I went to Federico Steri Footy garage and I sow this incredible number of boats developed in three years of regattas

Here Steri Footy S1 (sponsor Preti, Gold Cup 2013) and S2


Here the first S3 prototype

And the last prototype

Finally the S3 mold

The first hull

Finally my Steri Footy S3

Steri S3 Footy is a light displacement carbon fiber diagonal project. Here below the main caracteristics

Length 325mm
Beam 95mm
Ballast weight 300g
Displacement 470g
Unarig (only main sail)
Material all carbon fiber

First sailing

Footy ITA 100

Hi Super K,

Very impressive boat.
What is the bulb made of?
What is the area of the sail you are using on the first sailing?
Excellent weight outcome at only 470g.


Hi P&C the boat is nice and fast :slight_smile:
Regarding your questions:
The bulb is made with lead and inox soul, all covered with fiber
The sail you see in the picture is unarig 17 dm2
Pls note the 470gr weight is referred to the complete hull without batteries, servos and receiver. Full weight is 570gr. The shell of the hull is only 38gr

Regattas in Genoa

Three Steri S3 upwind


From sx in the picture Steri S3, SliM, two Steri S2

A carbon fiber Steri S3 ahead the fiberglass prototype

The competitors… high level projects. Every saturday a dozen of footy boats in Genoa port

This is a footy based on Tyler’s SliM a diagonal footy very thin and fast. In heavy conditions is very steady and reactive in downwind

Steri S2 with traditional rig mainsail and jib. A last year project wider than the others but fast in many wind conditions

From sx S2, S3, S1 e SliM.

Audizio’s last footy project with traditional rig. A very fast and light footy boat always in progress


In the meanwhile new rigs are available for testing. The boat is multirole and fast in any condition. Close hauled with unarig is very good and the angle too. Unarig mast is higher than traditional sails and running with fresh breeze is less easier but generally speaking the footy Steri S3 is very fast

Rig n 3 strong breeze. Mast not so high and long boom

Rig n 6 in strong wind quite usual in Genoa port. Mast proportionally higher and boom shorter. The boat is able to manage strong gust

Italian flag :slight_smile: