FOOTY Speed Runs.

FOOTY Speed Runs (a new challange)[COLOR=Black]:jump:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Black]Do you want something different to dream about?
OK how about timed speed runs for your FOOTY[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]:paw:[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] or any style of 12 inch long sail powered craft.[/COLOR]
By using your already constructed internet course with just a little modification of the leeward windage fitment to make the course lie accross the wind rather than downwind, you have a 50 foot/15.2 metre speed course for the timing of one run in any direction to be posted here on this forum to claim the “Worlds fastest FOOTY” title and all the glory and adulation (no wealth) that goes with such a title.[/COLOR][COLOR=Black]:king:[/COLOR]
One run in one direction, thats any direction, tight reach, broad reach, whatever, (no you do not have to do it both ways, that is for Bonneville only.) Time it, post it, thats it your done. Break out the bubbles:zbeer:

i’m in… sounds like fun! i gotta build a course though… i keep meaning to to try for the intergallactic title…:devil3: but i never get around to it…:mad: maybe this weekend…:rolleyes:

OK, here ya go. No more excuses. :stuck_out_tongue:

ooooh tomo, you funny!!!:p:lol:

lol. i guess i have no choice now… i’ll have to come out and let my boats strut their stuff…:rolleyes::scared:

Sounds like a great idea Ian. As I missed the internet race I am really keen. Will this be an ongoing event or is there an end date? Please show details of the mod you do to the leeward windage fitment to get it to lie across the wind & what kind of angle is achievable?