Footy Scratch Build - First Attempt - New to Sailing

Ok, I think it’s time to start my first project. I’m new to R/C Sailing but I’m a fast study. Plus, I love learning new stuff. This should be fun.

I plan to use this as a learning project on several levels. Laying up fiberglass/carbon, sandwich constructions, molds, sailing, etc.

With that, I looked around the web at lots of plans and then brought a bunch of stuff into CAD. For me, it has to look good as well as actually work, so I picked the aesthetic elements I liked and incorporated them into the model. Here is what it looks like right now. The program I’m using is MOI (Moment of Inspiration) and it’s almost 100% compatible with Rhino, which I use for the more complex operations. For initial designs and mockups, it’s light and very fast to work with.

Next I will put a few slabs of construction foam or precision board on the CNC routers and start making the forms for some plugs. For the most efficient milling, I’ll slice the model on the vertical and mill a left and a right. After that, I’ll assemble the two halves and fine tune the shape, etc.

So, there it is. I have uploaded two pictures for now. Hopefully, there will be more to come. I’m off to find sources for resins, glass, and carbon fiber.

Any thoughts or feedback are appreciated.

Take care,

And these are my lovely assistants. I love to horse trade so if anyone would like to swap services, parts, or a mixture of those, let me me know.

Take care,

Hi Matt,

what about the useful width - lenght of your router working area ?

what type o files are you looking for ?

may be I can provide you with something suitable for you