footy sailors near Annapolis, MD

Are there any on the forum here? Looking to start an informal club.


we used to sail footys down in Reston VA, about 50 minutes from annap… but we switched to rg65’s as our development class boat…

Hi Kurt,

I took a look for you in the Footy sail number registry, and was able to locate three other registered sailors in Maryland, however none are in the Annapolis specific locale. It should be noted that I am envious that there is not someone like you in my state. I think the best thing you can do is to encourage others in your area to build and sail Footys with you. (Which is what I’ve done). Let me know If I can help drum up interest, I’m working on an easy to build set of plans with Bill if that helps, we’ll have them available shortly.

-Nathan Titcomb
(the new US Registrar/secretary)

Whats the saying… If you build it, they will come… :slight_smile:

I still have a footy… no servo’s or rudder in it, but thats easy to rectify…

I have one ready to go that has never been in the water. I probably could make a race.

Sunny… Is it a real footy (12") or one of the cheater diagonals… LOL

Pot stirred :smiley:

you need bring your RG down and race with us next spring…

It is a Half Pint.

No half hint for Marc. They tried footys before i showed up with the RG.

RG65 is a better boat.

Sorry, I’m near Annapolis, but mine are more like 8 footies.

I’m aware that larger boats sail “better”, but I was looking for cheap and easy, my efforts to get people in my immediate locale interested was not succesfull in the past because of the cost and complexity of some of the larger boats, plus footies are very transportable! Anyways, I got one guy in my neighborhood interested, and he went out and bought a Tippecanoe marlbhead. A little above my price range…

The RG can be made pretty cheaply, as well. I think that you could put one together for well under $150. Having said that, though, Footys can be done for less than half that. We just need to think of the Footy as a gateway boat.

I actually have 3 rg65 hulls, they are the qroo hulls, built them years ago, not sure if they are competitive anymore, beamy with a fat stern. That’s why I stopped working on them, I was passed by Technology! Maybe I’ll whip up some newer designs, a round ranger clone (if not in production) or something similar, any pointers? I will not buy a rg65, part of the reason I like those type of classes is the DIY approach!

problem we had with the footies was their instability…while its a great easy entry level boat to build. sailing it well was much harder which IMO makes it frustrating for beginners.

the longer waterline of the rg helped. and being that the class is well regulated the only real developmental area is the hull shape. which means if you want to build a new hull, you just strip the electronics, keel, rudder and rigs. so you only real investment is time to build a hull…

we are having our December club meeting on the 14th if you are interested in wandering down from Annapolis…

Just bring out your QRoo next year. no matter what I sail, it ends up near the back.

Its sails near the back until you sell it or loan it someone… :slight_smile:

3, 2,

Its sails near the back until you sell it or loan it someone... 


Orange Crush S1M 1981
LoLA Victoria 81
Shiv &Obtuse RG65 181
IOM 681, S1M, Victoria, & CR914 being built

right on time …

Am I that predictable :slight_smile:

It’s allright, If we show up you’ll have competition for dead last!

too funny…