footy Sailmaking

I got 2 yds of TriSpi 25 to make some sails for Footies and I’m wondering about how many panels for the panelled sails, 3? I can start with two panels and go from there.

I will also be making some plain sails for the offset rig.


I usually use three panels of 7 - 8 inches, depending on the size of the sails.

One interesting note though - the first and third boats at the Nationals had identical rigs. The only difference was that the first place boat had a paneled sail and the third place boat had a flat sail with only about 1/4 inch of luff round for shape. That boat and rig was tied with the first place boat at the Region 1 championship last year going into the last race and only lost by a few feet. That is obviously a fast sail too!


but you could put sail on a 2x4 and scott would win races races with it…:slight_smile:

A 2 x 4 would fit in the box! :smiley: diagonally, or normally?

As Angus would say, :zbeer::zbeer::zbeer:

doesn’t matter scott could sail it… and win… he has magic thumbs