Footy Racing Club has Started in Fenton, Michigan

We have the the following:

A Great 200’ Diameter Round Pond
…No Weeds
…In Middle of Field/No Trees
…Paved Church Parking Lot
…One Mile Off US-23 X-Way Exit
…Two Miles South of I-75 & US-23
…Link to Pond on Google Maps Coming (If I can get it figured out)
Two Friendly/Helpful Skippers
…Ray D & Frank T AMYA Members
Three Footys
…One Spare Footy for Guests
…Internet Course Setup
…Also Regular Course Marks
A Spot for Re-rounding Marks
…After Racing Event
… Burgers & Beer Avail Nearby
…Sailing Discussions
…Get to Know Each Other
A Race Day
…Initially Fridays 11:00 to 1:00 PM
…Come Join Us for Some Fun
…No Experience Necessary
…Potentially Additional Race Day
No Club Dues, Yes It’s Free
…Excepting Burgers & Beer :slight_smile:
…Trophies etc will be Donations
…AMYA Membership Not Req’d
We still Need To:
…Pick A Club Name
…Setup Website
…Get More Members
…Males & Females
…Young & Old

This is where we need you. PM me w/email address & phone numbers to receive more details and regular updates.

Well done Frank and friends, this is great news. I am only one state away but there is a darned big lake in the way, I’ll check the maps to see where you are located. Best of luck with this venture.


Our pond is located just a few miles South of the US-23 and I-75 intersection near Flint, Michigan.

Approximated distances in Miles from:
Ann Arbor 45
NW Detroit Subs 60
Saginaw 35
Lansing 50
Port Huron/Sarnia Canada 60

Again, just estimates


When do you sail? I stay at a friend’s house in Fenton (off Owen Road) every couple weeks. I might stop by and take a look at these Footys!


Current schedule is 11 AM to 1 PM on Fridays. As we gain more members, we can modify time and day to accomidate as many skippers as possible. Initial sailing is with Footys.

We are thinking about a Land Yacht if we can find a free plan that can be shared by all of our members. Another member (Ray) and I are thinking of putting a design together at our Winter homes when we both have access to large workshops. Would like a design that is small and easy to transport like the Footy.

Send me a PM or lookup me on the AMYA under Region 3, Florida and TanglewoodMYC to get my email address. Send me your phone & email info.

Ray D. is racing at the Motown Showdown Race Week at camp Dearborn in Milford, MI and I am on a 2 day trip. I do plan to go see some of the Racing in Milford. Lots of boats will be there.

Come see us next Friday as I have a spare Footy you can try out and will setup internet Course so you can see how you do against the world’s best times.

Any questions, send me a message.

Hi Frank,
I got as close as Lansing last week while on a brief touring holiday with my wife. We were up in Luddington and being a stained glass artist Jan just had to get to Delphi Glass in Lansing. I did have a nice sail with ‘Holly’ a few days later at Traverse City though. I found a public slip a little way up the Mission Peninsula and had a quiet sail in beautiful surroundings.

Have you attracted any more interest yet?


Thanks, Frank!

I have not been in the Fenton area for a few weeks. I’ll shout if it looks liek I can get up there during the day, but that is unlikely.

Hope all is well, and have fun with the Land Yachts!


Hello, I am sure that you have already check out the for the land yacht but if not, it might be a good place to start.

There is some free plan there but not necessary the best plan ever.

French people have been doing a lot of development recently and they came up with a land yacht in class 2 for around 150 € plan include (the plan is around 30 € plus s&h). If you guys are up to, I am sure that you can come to a similar design pretty easily. Bill K left a lot of good thread on internet and google can help to translate the french forum if you need too. I am sure that the picture are good enough with some good diagram to make one like the yellow one that the dude has in is hand in this video :