Footy plans

Can you still get freeship? Where?


I understand what you are using the locating pin for. But from the drawing, the pin doesn’t even reach the bottom of the cross-junction, and the mast looks like it needs a tube fixed in the hull, right? that’s the tube I’m talking about. Bill’s comment about drilling holes in the bow means he would drill through-holes for the locating pin. This is fine, until you find the place where you will keep the mast & pin, so it could easily be finished off by using a thick doubler under the deck. That way only a deep hole is drilled for the locating pin, and one could finish that off with a brass or poly liner, or coating the hole with CA.

Also, for the pin to fit into the deck, as in the drawing the forespar would have to be square to the mast. Can you tell us the approximate angle of the forespar/mast joint? Is the aftspare the same?

thx mate BTW, I use a program call “Free DWG Viewer” Which has excellent detail and You can save (current screen) to jpg

Sorry if the plans don’t have enough detail for you.I think they are way better than most I have seen.
Nevermind,I tried to provide a easy to read construction plan,many ppl have successfully built the boat from the plans.

I have a new plan in the works and thoughts on a series of articles on designing and building a Footy.

Bill, thank you for the replay.
I already had the mast placed, fortunately 5 inches from the stern as you suggested.
For the keel I have two options I made a hollow one with two 1/64 thick ply skins like the one in the USOM guide. It’s a little heavy (I guess), but wery stiff. Option two I found a helicopter blade out of wood, that wery light and with a light epoxy coating should do the job. I have to figure out witch one to use now.


Charles wrote on the Footy web site, that there are free plans, and those that are for SALE.

Besides Brett, whose got plans for sale?


Are the plans available as a .dwg? I have only seen the .jpg version that is of such low resolution that it not readable.

I don’t think it would be stretching the imagination too far to consider my ‘ScaleSailing’ hulls as ‘3D Plans’. The hull sets are described here…

The hull skin shapes (typically 1/32" ply) are obtained by simply drawing around the foam core directly onto the wood. The instruction set deals with constructing the hull alone rather than the complete boat because these hulls are aimed at you guys wanting to do your own thing with the rig etc. Fin size and position is described. Reduced drawings of the Kittiwake and Pintail 12 rigs are also included along with the radio mounting plates drawn full size.

Hull and instruction sets come at $18.95 plus shipping.

I hope this isn’t considered too commercial for this forum…

For anyone who’s interested, thumbnail plans of Armadillo are available at:

If anyone wants to use them, e-mail me at and I’ll email you printable full-size shadows.