Footy Pics

I thought you might enjoy somewhere to show those extra Footy pictures without clogging up the Footy Web page.:magnify::tophat:

here, there, what’s the difference, eh? 30kb is 30kb…

Well the difference is that here, I, can post the Photos, whereas on the footy website they must go through the webslave and nobody should hog the bandwith with lots of photos of their own boat (IMHO) :verymad:

On this site I am happy to be a HOG until told to piss off.:rasta:



Your use of the “English” language is most impressive!:party:

Hey … he’s a sailor - right? Just needs a peg leg, an eye patch and a parrot on the shoulder !

Sailors are always supposed to start a conversation with the phrase “aarrrr, matey” ! it’s written in the rule book. wink.

OK, but who’s got some pictures to share? How about something other than a little boat chasing the big ones? Ever try a macro shot? Really close in)

What scale would the Footy be, approximately? We would need to make some assumptions to determine that. How about some scale sailors? We could even make that a rule for new classes.

OK, Tomo, how about some pictures of all the Footies you’ve built? Perhaps instead of criticizing what others have done, you should simply follow through on some of your own suggestions. Maybe the local school or health club will let you borrow their swimming pool for a “fleet shot”

I’m still building a boat so I don’t have anything ready for the camera. I don’t think any local places with pools will let you put a boat in. We’ve been looking for a winter site for years.

If I finish one, and Spring gets here, I will take some pictures, and send them to somebody.

more than one Footy done and no pics!! and I thought we were in the digital age…
wait! makes me remember of another ex-member!:timebomb::approve:

Oh, I thought I read that you had a bunch already built. I must have misunderstood your comment. A friend of mine has a favorite quote that he uses regularly: “Don’t tell me what you are going to do, tell me what you’ve done”.

BTW, when you take the pictures, there’s no need to “send them to somebody”, you can post them directly here on the forum.

I am taking my time building a Footy. There’s no rush during the winter, and I have too many other priorities aheaed of it on the list. I do want to have it done by May (I hope). If I can get the first one done, then I can make more even easier, right?

he is using webTV LOL:batman::darth:

I might do that. I reserve the right to send my photos anywhere, OK?

Here are two pictures, Bill.

this boat looks like it has posiblities. cant wait to see it in the water. my footy does not look even close being ready for the water. congrats

That’s a Razor, mate. Of course possibilities. thanks.

Heres one Ive been “hiding” for a year or so,awesome light air boat.350g all up weight.Needs a smaller rig to handle some breeze.
Its a Pipsqueak hull I cut in half and put back together with a slice taken out.

mini IOM :cowboy:

Neat, Brett…now I know what to do with one of the hulls you sent me!!

BTW how are you feeling about optimal Footy displacement…any test results on 350 vs 500 vs 600 grams?

Maybe should move to another thread.


Wish I had the answers Bill,truth is I tend to change to many things at once so I am unsure of the value of any one change.What I need to do is get more scentific about testing model performance!These little guys are fun to play with though