Footy National Championships NOR

So here we are again about to share the start line again with friends at Watermead

If the Euro GP was anything to go by this is sure to be another event to remember and enjoy

Please find attached NOR and entry form for completion - please get it back to Trevor as soon as you can - many thanks
Best wishes to all

“how to get there”

Ok directions
The Club website is showing you where to park.

Lake is on the outskirts of Aylesbury on the A413 Buckingham Road
If you come into Aylesbury and stay on the ring road, you will come to a set of traffic lights with a pub / premier lodge on the road you turn into

For all you widgeteers, the post code of the Holiday Inn (closest building) is HP19 OFY but please remember that it is over the road so please use map reference 51.832701,-0.81183

For all others a simple way is to click the Google map link
Now click on the “Directions To Here” and put in your post code. Google will then give you the best route ~ print out and before you know it you will be there.

Now I want no more excuses please just lots Footys on the water for fun and enjoyment.

Best wishes

Footy sailing, vane sailing, the Wales countryside, narrow-guage trains, great beer…do you guys live in heaven?

Wish I could be there for your nats.


Wish i could be there too Bill - sadly I duty calls
Best wishes

You may not be there Bill, but Roger Stollery is coming as well as Gary’s son sailing Gary’s Duck, so we’ll still be no closer to the top of the leader board :rolleyes:


firstfooty Mistralette 147

Thanks to all concerned for running the event in difficult condtions; very hot with very little wind.

I see a few pics on Marks site,Uk weather is certainly better than mine right now.
I see my cobber John from Southwater in attendance,very glad to see that.
so who won? who was there etc etc?

My thanks too, to the organisers.
A beautiful spot, perfect weather (apart from a notable lack of wind) and the best turnout of skippers I have ever heard of at a footy regatta.

Results and reports are, I believe, being hatched as we read.

I list below a few of my observations from the day:

Swing rigs took the first three places
They were at times the only boats moving
Trevor kept up the Macrig heads by being consistent (finishing 4th)
You CANNOT have too much rudder on a day like that
Frequencies took a fair bit of sorting out - thank you, Trevor for your sterling work in advance, without which it would have challenging.
I have no idea how the legal frequenciers were sorted out with the local club - but it seemed to work since they sailed as well - praps they were all on 2.4?
The gnome who ran a nitro truck in the carpark was taking a chance with his safety and our property. GOK what frequency he was on.
Angus and Mark were unable to appear - their chariot had a derangement and they had to be recovered to home; that would have been 2 more skippers
We missed AndyT, so we posed a full-size grinning cutout on a shooting stick and disabled a 507 on his behalf!
My personal results troubled the scorers a lot - they had large numbers to add up