Footy Meet Sheboygan WI - Congratulations

As the people wo didn’t make it -NEVER fly American Aiirlines -John McAssey and I would bvery much like to congratulate Graham on his six straight wins in the Wood Lakd Event. This kind of performance by a new boat of your own design, first time out might well send more boastful men than Graham running for cover.

Put the cover’s broken now, so tell usd all what a success it all was.


Sorry to hear you couldn’t make it, but it was good speaking with you on the phone Saturday night. The event was alot of fun & considered to be a success by all attendees. The venue was beautiful, despite cold temps & shifty winds.

Graham must have been modest if he told you it was only 6 straight wins…;-).
Actually he won all 10 races, many by convincing margins. A couple of us came close a few times, but never were quite able to catch him.

A full report with photos & a video will be forthcoming.


Willow Bay event Angus?.. I think you are watching a different channel :slight_smile:
Thank you guys, it really was fun and a terrible disappointment to have to do it all without Angus present. I think it is safe to say you were with us in spirit mate :zbeer: .
I have close to 200 images to sort through… I think a photobucket link might be the best way for the majority but I will set to now and start a results thread here…