footy masts

Hi folks, new member here. My daughter and I are building footys together and I had a few rigging related questions. Well, I have lots of questions but I’ll start with the rigging ones. Are wooden masts acceptable? Must they be carbon fiber or aluminum? Other spars? Booms and sprits? Thanks for your help.


I believe the class allows any type of spar material. Get creative and see what unfolds. :slight_smile:

Personally, I am using 3mm carbon tube for my main spars, and 2mm carbon tube for the booms and mast crane. Will post pics in the Liverpool world’s thread when finished.

If you use wood, just be sure to seal it with some form of waterproofing (varnish, etc.). I don’t believe the rules require or prohibit the materials you make your mast/spars from.

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Hey, I found this guy over on the flying section at another forum.

Canuck carbon tubes

I got a few of the $1.40/.296 for a mast on a 24" Victor “thing” I’m building and a few of the other sizes just because the price was so good…

I often use, when I can get them, broken pieces of fishing rods. They are usually tapered, made from glass or carbon fibre and are often hollow, which are highly desirable features in any mast. Footy yacht masts make an ideal recycling project for broken fishing rods. Rigging for larger models can be readily made from plastic-covered stainless steel wire line for deep sea and lake fishing. Fishing shops also carry the crimping tubes needed for making loops etc in rigging wires.

Thanks, guys. We made it up to the hobby store today. They had a 4.8mm carbon fiber tube that fit exactly inside a 7/32nd" brass tube. The CF tube was $5. We also got some 1/8" brass rod and 5/32nd" brass tube for our rudders.
So back to building, I’m sure we’ll have more questions soon. :zbeer:


Welcome to Footys…good to see another New Englander join the group. Hope to see you and your daughter at our pond this season.

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Porland, ME…you’re only about an hour from me on the NH Seacoast. Once the water gets liquid on the ponds we should get together for some sailing!

Sounds good, guys. If it ever stops snowing. This can be a frustrating time of year.


I got 4" yesterday too. That’s certainly not going to help the foot of ice on the ponds melt any quicker!

I was hoping we could get up to Lilly Pond sometime in April but I’m being to lose faith. Maybe May?

You guys are lucky.

I just got an e-mail from a friend in VT. (old sailing buddy)

They got nine inches on top of what’s already in place. He lives on a private road that is maintained at the expense of the homeowners there!

Looks like the snow in the open area on the right side of his house is up the the eaves of his roof. (and the deck is thirty inches above ground with the eaves at eye level)

I had hopes of trying the footy in his pond, and seeing if I could get him involved, but now it looks like I will have to wait for July to try that!