Footy Kits and Plans List

I showed my collection of Footy hulls I have, and the other sailors in my club asked me to assemble a comprehensive list of kits and plans ( free or not) so they can get involved.

“Official” Footy website; (free plans for Cobra, Razor, Papaya, Bobabout)
Tanto (hull templates)
Scalesailing (kits-Kittiwake, K2)
Heron composites (kits- Lajabless, etc.)
Victor Models (kit- V-12)
GoSpectre (kit- 507)
Micro yachts (hull- Micro Express custom yacht)
Dennis Desprois (kit- American footy)
Sparkman Micro Marine (kits- Orange Crush, BearFoot)

Are there any other kits or sources for plans you can get?


Hi Tom, just to add that I have free plans for the ‘Harpy’ at
plus some rig drawings which can and have been used on other boats.

Good idea,

Oh yeah, I have Harpy files on my computer, but I’ll add it to the list. Kittiwake was the big one before, and now it’s the K2, IMO, and you’d be happier with people ordering kits instead of downloading the free plan.

It’s just a list right now. I have addresses to the web pages or documents, but those don’t belong on the list.

I think you could also include the BUG3?

I couldn’t find an Internet web address for Bug3 plans, or a mailing address for Roger, so I put it on the alternates list. I haven’t heard much of it lately either.

If I wasn’t happy for people to download the free plan of Harpy it wouldn’t be there Tom :)… so no problem, please include it.



I found an old copy of the Chris Dicks Competition report, so I did get some graphic details for BUG3. AFAICT, you need to contact the UK distributor (or MYA) for BUG3 plans? The contact information on the Footy website may be out of date.

Unfortunately, some of the information and links on the Footy website is either erroneous or incomplete.



Have you or anyone you know, gotten a copy of the BUG3 plans from the MYA contact? I only have what was on the Chris Dicks report, and the images were compressed so small, I can’t read what it says. I would be interested in reading a copy of the plans, not to build, just to see what he has to say.

Confirming the availability of the plans would be nice too. The only reference I have to the BUG3 plans is by contacting a Mr. Robert Hobbs, MYA Publicity Officer.


Yes I got a copy of the plans from the link you mention for my son to have a go - I understand that these plans are being published in the latest Acquaint magazine coming out soon.

Tres bien, Would you please answer a question from the plans then?

What does the “cassette type gear” taped to the deck do? Also, how was the radio gear attached to the boat?


I will draw you a sketch and post it here later

Ok here you go my drawing is very basic compared to Roger’s but should guide you

Thanks for the sketch.

I gather that the servos were mounted to the cassette tape ‘plastic card’ and that whole thing was taped over the hole in the deck? It looks very compact, unless you want to change the crystal or unplug something from the receiver.

Vielen dank!

u bent zeer welkom