Footy Hull in the UK

Hi All

Having cocked up my first two attempts at building a footy hull, I am now trying to find the availabilty of pre built hulls or kits in the UK.

Can anybody point me to any??.


I think you have several options depending on what you mean by ‘available’. Scale Sailing has recently set up a UK office. I’m also also confident that most of the suppliers of Footys will, and have, ship boats or parts to the UK.

Try some of the suppiers listed here

Good Luck


Easiest gthing is if you ring me on 01492 534 356


Hello Richard, if you are interested in looking at the Kittiwake kit then my man in the UK can be found through this page. There are a couple of kits in stock with more on there way there.

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I just got delivered a beautiful Lajabless hull, admitedly it was from Canada but well worth the wait and the quality is superb.

since the Kittywake is already there…and it is so easy to build I would go for that. I have build one in about a day + 5 days for paint and glue to dry. They are of a good design and are complete with great instructions. Some of the boat and sail terms were un familar to me, but Graham included good drawing with all of the labels. Another boat I have built is the Victor model v-12 from California, USA, which also goes together well…I have three of those.
See what Andy has to say since he is the local Footy go to guy:zbeer:
What boats were you trying to build and where did it become confusing?(There must be a better way of saying that;))
good luck

i know i have atleast 1 mold here i can probly lay you one up prity cheaply. i have cant rember if it was the mark 1 or 2 mold i have though will take a look.