Footy Hull Designs

Hi Footy folks,

One of the nice things about tis new forum is that we can more easily attach files, and Wis was nice enough to add Hullform files to the list.

I’ve attached a couple of my designs for anyone interested.

If you don’t have the Hullform program, the student edition is available for free. You can download it from


Bill, how about some screenshots of the designs? that way people can see the design before they decide to download and install hullform.

Good idea, Dan.

I should have considered the fact that not everyone has been following this topic on the old forum. So for those who haven’t seen them, here’s 3 pics of Halfpint (the boat, not the old guy holding it) and 2 pics of MiniMe in progress (one of these days it’ll be done.)

The MKIII is, as yet just on paper (I mean in a computer file,) and I’m somewhat ashamed (blush) to admit that I don’t know how to get a screenshot of it. If someone can tell me how, I’ll give it a try.


I have the Hullform Program but don’t know how to get it to do much. I’m sure there’s a lot to learn and it might be more than can be explained here but is there some way that someone as “smart” as me can convert all those pretty red and green lines into a printable, 1:1 scale drawing, that I can build from.

Ol Guy, if I could learn it…anyone can. Printing at 1:1 scale is a bit tricky though.

Use the section view if you want to plank the hull on shadows. Since all printers are different, you’ll have to play it by ear. In Hullform, bring up the file you want. Click the icon on the toolbar that has a little boat with arrows going up and down. That gives dimensional data. Note the max beam dimension. Then Click the icon for the section view. Send it to your printer. Measure the max beam on the printout, compare it to the plan’s dimension, and calculate the difference. Put the adjustment into your print program (I seem to use 103%, or thereabouts) and print again. Continue to adjust as needed, until it comes out right. Don’t forget you’ll want the plan smaller than the finished size to allow for plank thickness.

I suggest printing the buttocks if you want to make a plug for a mold. Set the units in Hullform to feet/inches using the edit/units conversion commands. Use the view options command to set the buttock thickness to the wood you intend to use. Then select the profile view, which should now display the buttocks. Then print and adjust as above, this time based on the LOA of 12 inches.

The good news about printing a Footy is that it fits on one legal-sized sheet of paper! I had to print my USOM on several sheets and piece them together.

Hope this helps. I’ll try to clarify any parts that you have trouble with. If anyone knows a simpler method, please let us know.

What is a .hud file? My ‘windows’ does not support it. Can’t you have it in a more recognisable format please, or am I really dumb.


Hi Ralph,

A hud. file is a CAD file created by a program called Hullform. As far as I know, it can only be read with the Hullform program. The student version (that’s the one I use) is available for free at and only takes a couple minutes to download and install. Learning to use it to view files is pretty easy. Using it to design hulls takes a bit of study and practice, but it does some pretty neat things.


Very cute model… my wife would love that.

Ref. .hud files

Thanks for that info Bill. Unfortunately not all of us were born with flat tips to our fingers! Some of us were using tables before slide rules were at a reasonable cost, and calculators were mechanical devices with cunning levers cams and detents, used only by design offices and accountants.

Note:- could the computer whiz kids please accept that not all R/C blokes have the ‘knowledge’, and cut us some slack with the terminology.



Sorry Ralph,

I used an acronym that non-computer-oriented people might not know. CAD = Computer Aided Design. No offense intended for those who prefer pencils to keyboards, but I developed these designs with the help of the computer program, and so that’s how I’ve posted them. I think it’s likely that anyone who has the computer savvy to be on this forum can master a program like Hullform, so maybe you should give it a try! It does a lot of things for a boat designer that are a lot easier than using a slide rule or calculator. By the way, I’m 58, so not exactly a computer whiz kid, and I have no personal stake in the Hullform program - I just like using it.