FOOTY... 'Harpy'

‘Harpy’ is designed by Graham McAllister of and copyright of Graham McAllister Designs 2008

‘Harpy’ may be built by any individual from the plans presented here and at our web site. The ‘Harpy’ plans and design may not be used for commercial purposes either to produce actual boats for sale or re-sale of the plans/instructions themselves.

Now the interesting part :slight_smile:

Hull length…11 15/16" (303.5mm)
Waterline beam approx…4 3/8" (111mm)
Deck beam…4 7/8" (124mm)
Draft approx…8" (203mm)
Max displacement…17oz (481g)
Bulb weight…7oz (200g)

Radio installation is detailed in the Harpy Notes file. In the photos below are details of the radio installation as used in the foam core version of the build which can be adapted for use in the open hull version as built from the plans alone. Please note that the plans are for a Harpy without a foam core. If you wish to use a foam core which does ease construction that is available from us at

Harpy shares the same hull shape below the waterline as that of the Pond Sprite which has been detailed in the forums here. So don’t let the simple lines of the Harpy put you off, she will perform as well as the Pond Sprite (second place at the Sheboygan Footy Fest '08). The difference is just that Harpy has deliberately simplified lines to make her easier to build from a plan alone.

The sailing photos are of a Harpy built by Paul T.(muddauber) in Florida early this year while it was too frozen up here for me to get one on the water. Thanks for the photos Paul.


Thanks Graham!

I’ll add that to my Footy to-do list.

God I love this class!

Hello Graham

I was wondering why your free set of Harpy plans is not in the “Plans” section of the Footy site at:

It seems like it should belong there along with Papaya III, Cobra, Razor and Bob About. If there are others, they should be added also.

It may be helpful for beginners to see just one more set of plans as they go about figuring out how to build their first Footy. More information for beginners is a good thing.

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Is there anyone who has built this boat that could help me with some advice?