footy group

Hi I was looking through the groups page and it seems that there is only 1 group in this forum that is Scale Sailors and I was thinking that someone should start a group for footy owners. i went to start a group but could not decide on a name.

Here’s the plan everyone post a name that you think is good then when I get ten names I will have a pole.

Footy group or Foot Clan… my 2cents

Footy group
Foot Clan

that’s two

plz post your suggestions


Footy Sailors

Plain Footy implies British Soccer.

Footy group
Foot Clan
Footy Sailors

3 down 7 more to go

“Footy” is the slang name for ‘Australian Football’. “Soccer” is the slang name for ‘Association Football’ in Britain.
“Foot Long” is the name for an American Hot Dog. ‘Footy Boxers’ sounds too much like kick-boxing. ‘First Footy’ sounds like a Scottish New Year…
I think we need something which is clear and hasn’t yet been taken by anyone else.—‘Footy Sailors’ sounds like a possible.

The is a Footy Facebook Group with a number of members already. Individual skippers can put photos on the Group page and on their individual FB page and get to know each other.

Just got on the pc to view the Facebook “Footy” site which my cell phone does not allow. The web link is:!/group.php?gid=93083252879

There are about 40 members, lots of photos and posts to read. One member is going to build a Pool Shark from a kit and plans to show a build log/photos.

Check it out.

Wish I could think of something with the woord “feet” it being a group and all

Fleet of feet?(sub titled Footy sailors)

nah, never mind

It would be Fleet of Footies as this was decided in another thread to be the correct plural spelling

Footy group
Foot Clan
Footy Sailors
Fleet of feet (sub titled Footy sailors)
Fleet of Footies

that’s 5

Why are we discussing this? We already have this forum, as well as the Footy USA forum. Why do we need another one?

Perhaps I am missing something?

a footy group on this forum. NOT a new forum

I don’t follow! You’ve posted your idea for a Footy group on the Footy forum. The one we have here is a very open platform for discussion of issues in the class and for guys to show off their latest projects.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the term redundancy?

So with in the forums you can create a group. kind of like a “Fan Club”.
Still using the same forum, access to the same stuff. Just get to be part of the group. Maybe later I can allow the group associated with to be displayed under the username.

Possible plus is that it helps to build recognition when members post in other categories outside of the footy area.

5 more plz

qwerty2008 - As it is now, posts to this forum are becoming few and far between. A lot of the original energy has been sapped off by the Yahoo Footy group. My opinion of the Yahoo Footy group is that it represents a bad trend of Footy guys turning inward and dicking around amongst themselves. Truth be told the Yahoo group hasn’t got a whole lot of posts either and has just functioned to divide the herd. Why does the Footy class need another such insular group on rcsailing?

This Footy forum, the one you’re reading now, has served us well as a vehicle to spread the word about these great little boats. New converts that have been browsing among the other boat classes on rcsailing come across Footies here and find the enthusiasm we have for these boats contagious. The important issues concerning the evolution and direction of the class that we’ve faced and resolved happened here. It is here, in the trove of post history that one can find info and discussions of design concepts and building techniques, the hands on help that many new builders need to get started or to get over an impasse in their build. Here we learn how to think and make, on Yahoo it seems that most of the discussion is about where to buy. And that is the crucial difference between our open forum and a “fan club” group!

In complete agreement.
If you BUY your hobby, it’s really just a toy. Half of the sailing hobby is in the MAKING of the pieces, and the second half is using them. If you buy everything, its little more than getting a new camera or cellphone. Sure its interesting for a bit, but then its just another routine.

Neil is absolutely correct in his comment regarding the treasure trove of material on this site. But the older material gradually slides into oblivion, and is a little hard to find for those encountering this site for the first time. It would be good to keep this material visible in some way (a suggestion for the webmaster). Much of the developmental history, and basic ideas, fall into tis category. Example - Brett’s thread on the McRig.

There is a search feature but unless a newcomer knows what he is looking for, a “search” doesn’t do much good. Likewise every time a new thread is added, it pushes the others down until they fall off the list. Obviously they will reappear, “IF” someone adds a comment/post to an older thread. The list of topics would easily become huge and difficult to manage - and read through.

If someone from the footy group were to develop an off-line index, with the hyperlink to each general topic, it could be done in WORD or EXCEL. Problem is having a keyword search. I agree the old stuff is hard to find, and for the multihull stuff, I created my own cheatsheet of topics and general description. Going off topic doesn’t help much either, as a search will take you into a topic that might only contain the word/phrase once. Example: I did a quick search only on “Mcrig” and it pointed me to the RG-65 thread. Probably somewhere in one of the posts, the word “McRig” was used to discuss a form of una-rig sail shape.