Footy Gold Cup in Salem (Ger) goes to Italy!!! Guess the Winner....

Oh yeaaaahhhh my friends… The same week-end my favourite soccer team (Juventus off course) wins its 33 championship shield, a friend of mine, in Salem Germany, the same friend who bring me into the footy, the same who organize courses for child (for free of course) to improve the smallest class of rc sailing in Italy, the same who construct boat for friends (and for free), probably (should I say probably? dunno - lol) the best footy constructor in Italy, sure a good friend with whom fought battle and share good moment, oh well right I cut shortly, the strongest Italian Hellsman of footy CLAUDIO VIGADA ITA 102 (and yes pleas do not confuse at any time with others Claudio tnks - lol) now is also the strongest Hellsman in Europe and bring the priceless Cup in Turin - Italy where (with Genoa and Milan off course) Footy-Italia the Group born!

Sorry for my emphasis but, you have to believe me, this is really a beautiful moment and I’ld love to share it with the rest of the world. As Phil Anselmo say (ref. Pantera) Deep Down STRONGER THAN ALL! Oh yeah my frineds oh yeah. After years of hard work, we can say that!

A picture and two ways of saying that in Italy became famous:
“The words means zero - The fact means ALL”

and this one that for me is untranslatable

“Loro avran sparato tutte le cartucce mentre noi siamo ai colpi di avvertimento” LOL. Should sound probably like “Laught good who laught last”.

Sorry again for my emphasis and my english also! See ya guys!

How ever (probably you already know that) all the news about the Footy in Italy (and the rest of the world when needed) you can find only @ come to find us!

Super performance of our Claudio Gold Cup champion with a super fast light displacement footy, specially dedicated to lake wind conditions. Third place another italian helmsman Enrico who had a very interesting traditional footy rig. Congratulations to all italian team

I see your posts only now.
Thanks for the compliments, my dear friends, but it’s about the whole group and mutual cooperation if the Footy in Italy have reached such high level.

Now the level across Europe is very high and we have to continue workyng and playing with our boat to maintain such good position in competition.
But above all, we must never stop enjoy us with our small boats or… we can even win races, but the game will be over.
The real prize … is play together in friendship.