FOOTY GOLD CUP 2013 - Le Havre, France, 6/7 July

[SIZE=3]Dear friends I am happy to inform you that next FOOTY GOLD CUP will be held in France.

Mr. Jean Francois Bessière, one of the french competitors we have seen here in Italy during the Sestriere days will be the person in charge for the organization.

The “old” steering committee of 2012 Gold Cup will act as advisor taking advantage of the infinite tricks that have been learned organizing the Italian edition .

Gianluca Montecchi, our computer wizard, will act as “remote webmaster” to refresh and improve the already existing event website ( ) in order to streamline the registration protocol as well the exchange of information.

Event will be held in Le Havre center within the “Bausin Vauban”, an old dock now refurbished as touristic and cultural center.

Not far form the race area there are plenty of hotels, the town railway station and - for our british friends - the ferry terminal from Dover.

Local “real” yacht club Sport Nautique and Plaisance du Havre will be an official partner of the event.

We feel confident that this year championship will be a wonderful boost to promote the international racing activity of our class.

Flavio - on behalf of the french team[/SIZE]

Flavio - is this event in salt water or fresh?

The event will be held in salt water.
Even if other footy races have been held in seawater, this is the very first time for an international event.


Jean Francois, sent me a lot of useful links regarding airplane , ferry, train and even car transportation solutions :

By plane:

Le Havre Airport:
Regular line Lyon / Le Havre

Deauville Airport:
London / Deauville in regular contact with the company: Cityjet

Paris-Beauvais: Low Cost Flights
Airlines: Ryanair, Wizz Air, Air Moldova, Air Blue;

Paris-Roissy-Charles de Gaulle:
All lines and Low Cost

Paris-Orly airport:
All lines and Low Cost

By ferry: (Official Sponsor of the 2013 Gold Cup Footy)

Online Portsmouth / Le Havre
Online Newhaven / Dieppe
Online Dover / Calais

Online Portsmouth / Le Havre
Online Portsmouth / Caen
Online Poole / Cherbourg

By train:

By car:
Motorway A29 (E44) / A28 (E402), A13 (E46), A84 (E401)

Car Rental:

Hotel Novotel ( four stars ) has been selected, by our french friends, as the official accommodation of the event.

Competitors and friends will be able to take advantage of a special offer for the gold cup.

Prices are :

70 eur /night , for a single room ( breakfast included )
80 eur/night , for a double room

My french is a bit rusty, but it seems to me that jacuzzi, sauna, hamma and fitness center are included in the offer
( may be a Jacuzzi could be a useful footy testing laboratory … :wink: )

This is the address :


20 cours Lafayette

Quai Colbert

76600 LE HAVRE



Location is just few meters from the racefield

this is the place

Jean Francois sent me , very wisely, very useful information for a “low cost” alternative to the four stars Novotel :

[i]In addition, for small budgets, I found a very nice little hotel in the heart of the city, with a simple atmosphere, friendly and very welcoming and friendly boss.

Hotel Séjour Fleuri
71 Rue Emile Zola

76600 Le Havre

Tel: +332 35 41 33 81


Jean-François Bessière [/i]

Dear friends,

I would like to give some clarification on the Vauban Basin.

  1. As has already been said by Flavio, the water is salty. Sailing on this basin for a long time, I’ve never had more problems with corrosion of the radio than on a freshwater lake, simply rinse the boat in the evening after the races.

  2. The pool is protected by a lock, there is no current and no diurnal tides. There may be variations in the level of about 1 meter, the 06 and 07 July, the port authorities have assured me that the level changes will be in the evening after the races and the morning before the races. During the racing level will remain stable.

  3. The wind in July is statistically the West (see the diagram of Windfinder) in the axis of the basin. Small waves are never stronger than the wind. When the wind drops, the waves stop almost immediately.

  4. There is no navigation traffic on this part of the basin so there’re no parasite waves to fear.

  5. the launch of the boat is carried out on a large poonton about 50 meters in length located about 40cm above the level of the water.

Note: The registration form will be located on the site

The registration window for the skipper subscription to the Footy Gold Cup 2013 will open on April, 15 at 14:00 and will close a month later on May, 15 at 14:00 or once the number of 40 skippers are reached, depending on which target will be reached first.

Stay connected for more information later.

Best regards

Jean-François Bessière

Bienvenue à bord cher ami !


Dear all friends,

I’m glad to inform you that the skipper registration process for the Footy Gold Cup 2013 in Le Havre is now open.

The registration will end in 4 weeks or as soon as the target of 40 skippers will be reached, so hurry up !

As last year, you will find the registration form on the tab “registration form” ( along with all the instructions.


Dear all friends,

I’m glad to inform you that the skipper registration process for the Footy Gold Cup 2013 in Le Havre is now open.

The registration will end in 4 weeks or as soon as the target of 40 skippers will be reached, so hurry up !

As last year, you will find the registration form on tab “registration form” ( along with all the instructions.

See you soon at Le Havre.


Hello Jean-François

Urca Footy registered and confirmation email received :approve:

See you soon at Le Havre

Hello Claudio,

Welcome to Le Havre for our greatest “have fun, be fair” International Footy event.

For the purposes of the organization and just for my own information, can you already tell me if you come by car and how many persons come with you? (but may be it to early for you)

See you soon


Dear friends,

The Notice of Race for the Footy Gold Cup 2013 is now available at

And don’t forget, the registration will end now in 3 weeks or as soon as the target of 40 skippers will be reached, so hurry up !

Best regards

Jean-François Bessière

Dear friends,

Please note that registration will close in one week and five days.

There are still some places but do not wait too long.

I give you some information on how to travel from the airport of Beauvais - Tille to Le Havre.

There are shuttles ( between Beauvais and Paris (Porte Maillot) to the west of Paris, then the metro to Paris Saint-Lazare and then the train from Paris Saint-Lazare to Le Havre.

There are also train ( from Beauvais to Paris Nord, then metro from Paris Nord to Paris Saint-Lazare, then train to Le Havre.

Another solution is : train from Beauvais to Abancourt, then Abancourt to Rouen, then Rouen to Le Havre, it takes about 3 h 30 and it costs about 60€ for a return ticket.

A simpler solution is to rent a car, for example, BUDGET ( for 111.60€ from Friday, 07.05.2013 to Monday, 07.08.2013.

It depends on whether you come alone or accompanied.

Last solution, there is a collective taxi at Le Havre, the prices are, for a return ticket Beauvais /Le Havre then Le Havre/ Beauvais, 450€ for 8 adults (56.25€/pers A/R) or 180€ for 1 adult, decreasing proportionally between 8 to 1. Contact HARRY sarl +33 2 35 54 15 52 or +33 6 70 33 54 86

See you soon

Jean-François Bessière.

Dear friends,

Now comes the final list of registered concurents. 5 nations will be represented this year: Italy, England, Switzerland, Slovenia and France.

1 Jean-François Bessière France FRA 114
2 Hippolyte Bessière (K) France FRA 117
3 Halvard Duclos (K) France FRA 111
4 Claudio Vigada Italy ITA102 URCA@PROGETTO-URCA.COM
5 Camillo Giammarco Italy ITA 36
6 Federico Steri Italy ITA 77
7 Dieter Schmitz Switzerland SUI 21
8 Roberto Broccoletti Italy ITA 18
9 Erik Jankovic Slowenia SLO 03
10 Stanislav Jankovic Slowenia SLO 04
11 Philippe Rebolini France FRA 116
12 FALCHETTI Ruggero Italy ITA 61
13 Phil Tyler Switzerland SUI 42
14 Rob Vice England GBR 41
15 CJ Vice (K) England GBR 48
16 Lockie Vice (K) England GBR 84
17 Hayley Vice (K) England GBR 44
18 Flavio Faloci Italy USA 427

So, we await you at Le Havre on 06 and 07 July 2013.

In the near future, will be published the sailing instructions.

Best regards

Jean-François Bessière

To all skippers,

I submit to you a question that I was asked by our friend Ruggero Falchetti ITA 61:

“Jean Francois Scuse me, but I’ve a doubt.
I can change the boat during racing or do I enroll 2 boats?
Even in case of breakage or fault?

Many thanks! ”

Here is our official response:

Dear Friend,

In response to your question, I invite you to read the Notice of Race, and specially the second part of the chapter “Model measurements”: « It is not permitted to alter the boats during the contest except for the changes allowed under the class rules (eg. rig change). Any necessary alterations to boats after damage, etc., will be held with similar parts of the original design and weight and will be conducted after the approval of the Race Committee. Any boat with unauthorized alterations will be disqualified from the regatta.”

so :

  • It is not allowed to modify the boat (except for the changes allowed under the class rules (eg. rig change)
  • It is not allowed to run with more than one boat.

I also recall the article “D. HULL ” of ” FOOTY CLASS RULES ” :
« D.1 The hull registration number shall be clearly and legibly marked in an easily visible location either inside or outside on a non-removable part of the hull(s) by any of the following means: painting on, engraving in, bonding in, moulding in.”

So, one sail number is attributed for only one and same boat during an defined event.

Therefore, the ranking is assigned to a ship with a registered sail number, not to a skipper.

In case of breakage, the boat registered must be repaired and the repair must be approved by the Race Committee.

In case of total loss of registered boat, the racing stops for this boat.

If you want to use two boats, they must have two different registrations and two different sail numbers. They will be considered as two different competitors and will be subject to two different ranking, two entry fees will be due. The races run by a boat will not be cumulated with those of a second boat, even if the skipper is the same.

[COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Arial]All other cases will be assessed on the spot and the Race Committee is sovereign to assess compliance of a ship in accordance with the Footy Class rules and [FONT=Arial Black]specially with the Footy’s spirit tradition.[/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT]

Best regards

Jean-François Bessière

It looks like a great fleet! I wish I could be there in person, but finances won’t permit the trip.

I would really appreciate someone taking photos of the action and sending them to me in the highest resolution you can…I’d like to use some pics, along with a report on the regatta in our AMYA Model Yachting magazine coming out this winter. The deadline for articles is August 1, so the timing should be good. Any other article contributions are also welcome.

Although I can’t be there in person, I will be there in spirit. Flavio has built a beautiful new boat and has generously offered to sail it with my favorite sail number.

Have a great time everyone…Bill

Dear friends,

Here find the Official results :

General ranking :

1st : Phil Tyler (Sui 42) : 71 points
2nd : Rob Vice (GBR 41) : 92 points
3rd : Hippolyte Bessière (FRA 117) : 151 points
4th : Federico Steri (ITA 77) : 154 points
5th : CJ Vice (GBR 48) : 161 points
6th : Claudio Vigada (ITAT 102) : 162 points
7th : Eric Jankovic (SLO 03) : 165 points
8th : Jean-François Bessière (FRA 114) : 174 points
9th : Ruggero Falchetti (ITA 61) : 224 points
10th : Jonas Ahlstrand (SWE 04) : 280 points
11th : Dieter Schmitz (SUI 21) : 282 points
12th : Roberto Broccoletti (ITA 118) : 396 points
13th : Philippe Rebolini (FRA 116) : 400 points
14th : Gabriel Vice (GBR 44) : 402 points
15th : Halvard Duclos (FRA 111) : 403 points
16th : Lockie Vice (GBR 84) : 404 points
17th : Stanislav Jankovic (SLO 04) : 415 points
18th : Camillo Giammarco (ITA 36) : 443 points

Children (Under 18th) ranking :

1st : Hippolyte Bessière (FRA 117) : 151 points
2nd : CJ Vice (GBR 48) : 161 points
3rd : Gabriel Vice (GBR 44) : 402 points
4th : Halvard Duclos (FRA 111) : 403 points
5th : Lockie Vice (GBR 84) : 404 points

Memorial Angus Richardson

First votation :

Equality between :

Eric Jankovic (SLO 03), Footy KARO carbon / designer Eric Jankovic : 4 votes
Hippolyte Bessière (FRA 117) : Footy IMP depron / designer Jean-François Bessière : 4 votes

Second votation :

Eric Jankovic (SLO 03), Footy KARO carbon / designer Eric Jankovic : 10 votes
Hippolyte Bessière (FRA 117) : Footy IMP depron / designer Jean-François Bessière : 7 votes

WINNER : Eric Jankovic (SLO 03), Footy KARO carbon / designer Eric Jankovic

International Team ranking:
(3 best results of each country)

1st : Italy : team : Federico Steri/Claudio Vigada/Ruggero Falchetti
2nd : Great Britain : team : Rob Vice/CJ Vice/Gabriel Vice
3rd : France : team : Hippolyte Bessière/ Jean-François Bessière/ Halvard Duclos

Others countries : not enough runners by country to be ranked

Congratulations to all skippers !!!

Dear friends,

Here find two videos of the Footy Gold Cup.

and some really beautifull pictures

Many thanks to Charles Maslard.

Best regards

Jean-François Bessière